Saturday, August 04, 2007


If you are a woman, please read this. If you are a man who has any women in his life, please read this. This was totally enlightening to me. It isn't everyday that I find something totally enlightening. I think every woman and their men should read this:

PMS has an underlying and important purpose in a woman's life.

...with all its emotional volatility, as an important guide and is the goddesses' gift. It is a time in a woman's cycle when she is especially sensitive and has access to her deeper levels of intuitive knowing. The knowing is often filled with pain in our culture because of all the conflict women have with feelings they are not supposed to have. Women are not supposed to have anger. They are not supposed to be anything but sweet and nurturing, and this sets up a pattern of repressed emotions and guilt over those times when anger and frustration do boil over.

PMS helps you to have a moment, or a day, or a week to have access to parts of yourself that are not necessarily sweet and happy or just pretending to be sweet and happy. PMS gives you a window of opportunity for identifying and working with these feelings.

At one time in history menstrual blood was not considered dirty or a "curse"; it was cherished as sacred and used in rituals and to fertilize the fields. A woman who was menstruating went to a special lodge with her sisters where her increased sensitivity and cyclic ability to tap into her deeper knowing was used to help guide the tribe or village. In ancient Greece, menstruating women were consulted as oracles. Their dreams, thoughts, and opinions were highly regarded and seriously considered.

Today a sensitive menstrual woman is regarded as a liability, someone to be feared and avoided. In fact, at any point during the month when a woman expresses anger or irritation, she may be accused of having PMS. If she has a strong opinion she may be accused of being a "ball buster" or of trying to be like a man, as opposed to just being smart or competent. However, sensitive also means more intuitive, more in touch, more creative, more spontaneous, and more unpredictable. When these attributes are expressed and appreciated, first and foremost by the woman herself, they tend to be expressed in a more positive way. When a woman's loved ones also appreciate her more sensitive times, it's a true gift.
(From this book)

I mean, really, doesn't it just make sense? I always feel this strong sense that everything about my body was meant to be there or do what it does for a reason, for vital reasons. So? Why not PMS? Wouldn't it be great to take a little retreat during that time of the month to spend time tapping into the power of this part of the cycle to gain inspiration for guiding your own little "tribe"?


Kurt said...

You and all the other women in my life are goddesses (in an eternal perspective) so it only makes sense
that how your body functions is how it is supposed to function.
Listening to the Spirit and listening to our bodies and both integral in "hearing" what we should be doing.
Love you lots!

michelle said...

It would be wonderful indeed. Is this from Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom? It sounds familiar. When I read that book, I was reminded of The Red Tent. It would be so great to be able to take a time-out for spiritual and physical regeneration! And to be looked to for guidance rather than feared when PMS strikes!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing. I have always thought that women should get certain days of their month off.

TX Girl said...

Michelle is on my brain wave, because my mind immediately went to the book The Red Tent too. Oh how I loved the descriptions of the women HAPPILY going to the tent and how it was a moment for them come together as women and celebrate their unique position as women. I loved the idea and have always recommended the book to anyone as a great story of WOMEN.

My other thought was when people talk about a female president and invariably joke about a woman having her finger on the button during their.. horror of horror PMS days. I've always chuckled at the notion.

I agree we should embrace it and learn to understand its importance- especially outside of bearing children. Although bearing children is a pretty important point. In all things there is a purpose.

Crystalyn said...

love this. truly does make sense. i struggle many times with the feelings i have and the feelings i think i should have. not always the same...

Amy said...

Oh yes. Very interesting indeed.

Lucy said...

Very...earthy...of you. Gift or not, I think I may choose a pain, fully sane existence over PMS if we eventually do get that choice! I always think of the tweaks I'll make when I get my own design.

Still - always love your insight.

betc said...

totally reminded me of the "red tent" too. i think you were the one who reccommended that book and loaned it to me to read back in the med school days.

i tagged you for 8 random things, look on my blog for details.

amy m said...

Also reminded me of the Red Tent. I really think there is something to it. Perhaps they knew something more back in the day when they would removed themselves from life. Hibernate so to speak until their bodies were ready to emerge. It would be nice to have that kind of moment once in a while.