Monday, August 13, 2007

One More For You Snugglebutt (since I sent you to work tonight)

"You put the boom boom into my heart,

You send my soul sky high

when your lovin' starts."


Come on! This is the awesomest song ever. (See sidebar)


shawnaB. said...

Wake me up, before you go go, 'cause I'm not plannin' on goin' solo ...! Yeah baby! I used to tape that song off the radio back in the day, and then play it over and over again. Good times!

I've been missing "your-angle" - everything from PMS to otter pops, to fingernail dirt and getting down on the woods, all in one stop! Love it all, Jordan.

Surely in all your "perfect place to live" searching you are considering Virgnia! You're a smart woman, so of course you are! We really do have it all here... and the trees in Autumn are simply not to be missed. If you'd like a taste test, our door is always open!

Off I go no now, Wham spining in my mind!

Love you, friend!

ingrid said...

Snugglebutt? I love it!

I too have been missing "your angle" Thanks for your email - it got me thinking again about you and your sweet family and appreciating that you were thinking of us! So, many, many thanks.

I love Virginia too! Shawna lives in a beautiful part of our country with great history and a breathtaking Autumn, but really, the "perfect place to live" is right here in Florida. I am not biased or anything. :) Our door is always open as well... (And your sister & fam are not too far away.)

Jordan said...

Yeah, I don't really call Craig snugglebutt--it was a joke to cheer him up at work. But, I kinda like the sound of it!! Ha!

Michelle said...

I used to have a wham tape with a "Hot" side and a "cool" side- careless whisper was on the cool side and of course Wake Me Up was on the "Hot" side.

Jordan said...

Michelle!! That is SO awesome, I love it!

Amy said...

My cousins & I choreographed an inspirationally awesome dance to this very song back in the day. Which we performed in shorts and "Choose Life" shirts. Yikes!

Elizabeth said...

I had that same Wham tape! Love this song. It is a favorite family dance number.

Kelly said...

This song came on the radio the other day, and I started singing away. My girls said, "You know this song, Mom?" Apparently we don't do enough Wham around here.

michelle said...

That song reminds me of Jessie when she was about 3 years old. She would put on my dad's giant headphones and jam away. Once we even found her cacked out on the floor - how do you fall asleep to that song??

Jill said...

Reading the words to the song is totally different than singing them from memory, it's comical.