Friday, August 10, 2007

Get Down on the Woods

We were leaving the CMYA (Lucy's version of the well know Christian Athletic Club) when I asked Seth what he wanted to do when we got home.
He said, "I want you to play with me." This is his usual response and was expected.
"What will we play?"
He didn't specify but simply said, "I just want you to get down on the woods with me and play."
On the woods?? "The Woods?", I asked just as I figured out that he meant our floor at home made of, not one wood, but apparently many "woods".

I am fascinated by how the budding language development manifests itself--especially with Seth. But, this just plain thrilled me and left me smiling all the way home. I thought of all the ways I am not--and would like to be--"getting down on the woods":

1. Upon waking in the morning, breathing deeply and stretching the slumber out of my bones from head to toe.

2. Lying on the floor with the baby clambering all over my limbs while trading kisses and coos.

3. Breathing in my exfoliating scrub with eucalyptus in the shower (it seems to reach my brain and wake it all up)

4. Spinning spontaneous stories for Seth on the sofa during the girls' naps.

5. Yard wandering to clear debris, clip branches, and poke and prod the various flora (minus the cacti) while the littles follow gathering fingernail dirt all along the way.

6. Jumping out and startling Craig-I love this.

What are your "woods"?

Seth makes peculiar requests from time to time. Like today, after dinner:

"Mom, are you excited to see my empty plate?"

"I sure am, after you eat all your food."

"Mom, laugh when I show you my empty plate, k?"

Okay. Hmm.

Notice above: cottage cheese, wheat thins, and peaches--gone! (not pictured: me laughing). Yes, this is really what we had for dinner tonight, don't laugh.

My life is never dull. Though sometimes I wish it.


Kelly said...

I love this! Kids language development is one of my favorite things as a mom.

"Get down on the woods." That just cracks me up!

And, that seems like a perfectly wonderful dinner.

Jill said...

Seth is so cute, I love his words and your interpretation of them as well.

Peaches, cottage cheese and wheat thins definitely sound like a good dinner to me.