Thursday, August 30, 2007

Effortless Edamame and Easels

It was an evening full of beautiful things:

the palate--fresh shrimp spring rolls with two dipping sauces-one sweet one nutty, galangal soup with mushrooms and chicken topped with basil and cilantro and peppers, steamed/salted edamame, sticky rice with the perfect amount of "stick", and for dessert homemade mango coconut sorbet! Bravo sweet Shannon!

the place--clean, well-lighted (a nod to Hemingway) with touches of true artistry and appreciation. then Shannon's Scott led Lucy to the "happy strawberries"-these were ripe and next to three large planters full of vegetables and goodness. In the shed was a shop, where we saw a jaw-droppingly crafted portrait artist's easel made of walnut wood.

the people--as you can see in the picture, they put off some sort of calm and classic glow, they were a delight and people as beautiful as their surroundings.

Delicious, Shannon--both food and found friendship. Thank you.


Crystalyn said...

sounds like a PERFECT evening. that meal sounds delicious!

michelle said...

It sounds like a delight all around! (and don't think I didn't notice the cutest skirt in the world)

rebecca said...

What a treat! Is this the Shannon that has visited my blog recently? Must investigate.
You all are too cute.

Elizabeth said...

I love Shannon's home. I used to live down the street from her. And everything she makes is divine. How fun you could get together.

Shannon said...

Thanks for making our simple lifestyle seem so elegant. I like it. We of course had a great time thaks.