Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Boss, Progress, and Otter Pops

{Don't be alarmed at the alarming amount of otter pops in these pictures. I know I am because of the HFCS. These things are so darn good though. Man!!}
With a barely four-year-old and a nearly two-and-a-half-year-old there is no shortage in our home of opportunities to reprimand. "Be nice to your sister!" I probably say this 87 times a day.

Today, after I found play-do on the carpet in Seth's room and 6 open containers of the stuff I couldn't bring myself to "reprimand" once more. I just stared at Lucy with exasperation. She stared back then finally said, "Mom, don't be bossy." (I hadn't even said anything). I replied, "I AM the boss."

It is my greatest desire and fondest wish that these two will someday become friends (and that this phenomenon will help Lucy's screams to subside). So, tonight I ushered them in from swinging out back for bedtime books on the couch. As is customary, I am situated with one little on either side of me (for proper viewing of course but also to keep the peace). Tonight Seth hopped beside Lucy instead. I patted the empty cushion next to me and said, "Over here, Seth." And do you know what he replied?

"No mom. I'm sitting by Lucy because she's my friend."


Jeni said...

If Hazel had been a little more to the right, it would have looked like SHE had Mickey Mouse ears!

Jacki Semerau said...

Glad to know I'm not the only mom with 2 little ones that feels this way. Great Blog! The way I see it, my daughters (ages 6 and 8) will one day be best friends. Unfortunately, it most likely will not happen until they are grown and no longer living in my house. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

Amy said...

Hazel looks insanely adorable in that bottom picture. And on her way to "big" for sure! My boys are hot & cold with each other..and the good days are definitely far more peaceful than the others. Yours will likely be the best of friends when they're older...and he brings home his cute friends & she brings home hers.

Kelly said...

We heaer a lot of "be nice to your sister" in this house. They go through definite love/hate phases. Can't they just love each other all the time?

I think when you live where it's that hot, the HFCS is cancelled out when it's frozen. I try to avoid the stuff, but sometimes the otter pops do call.

michelle said...

Excellent! I wonder if Lucy's screams are caused by the lack of friendship or if they cause the lack of friendship. I know when Eva screams, her brothers both scramble to do whatever they can to shut her up! Here's to sibling friendship. (And could Hazel look any cuter?)

Jill said...

Victory! That's so cute that Seth said that.

I also love it that you told Lucy that you are the kids definitely know that and sometimes even remind Randy. Ha.