Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Part of Octavio's Poem on a Wednesday with Pieces of Mine

"Para callar es necesario haberse arriesgado a decir."
[In order to be silent, it is necessary to have risked saying something.]
--Paz, Poesia en movimiento
Letters rot
in the mailboxes
The bougainvillea
against the wall's white lime
flattened by the sun
a stain of purple
passionate calligraphy
written by the sun
I am walking back
back to what I left
or to what left me
edge of the abyss
over the void
I walk and do not move forward
I am surrounded by city

lack body
lack the stone that is pillow and slab
the grass that is cloud and water

My days are poetry in motion. I crave silence, peace, inside. That is why I risk saying something here or elsewhere. Isn't that why we speak/write? To make room in our heads for sweet silence?


Katy said...

Why, yes. I believe that's exactly why I write. We all need sweet silence in our heads. Very well "verbalized".

amy m said...

Jordan I love that. I think you are absolutely right. I love a little bit of that sweet silence.

darling photos.

Crystalyn said...

sweet silence. i do crave it. i hear myself shouting in my head to try and maintain a sort of sweet silence for "them." ironic.