Monday, July 16, 2007


The Newlyweds (Ann and Brendon) with all 7 littles

These past 17 days I will consider as 17 interruptions. A few weeks lifted out of my life holding us suspended. It was a wonderful removal from the tick tock of toddler time at home where I was their only diversion. Here, these diversions, these interrutptions, have been voluminous. Whether welcomed or not: Three goopy colds for the kids and their noses and a terrible tumble turned cracked rib for my Dad (doing loads better now) were eclipsed by the absolute joy of being a parent and watching them fall in love with my parents, this place, and the people in it. Many women filled the spaces of my daily escapes with charming chatter: Sisters Ashley, Katy, Ann, old and new friends Milli, AnnDee, Crystalynn, Amy, Liz, Michelle, another Michelle, Jill, Christine, and their children with my children. I am overwhelmed with the sheer number of people in my life.

My favorite interruption: Here, bearded, Craig showed up on June 30th to join me in the same room, with the same sealer (pictured here with us) marking our anniversary six years and one day earlier!

Both joyful and jolting. I've settled on the reality that they--these interruptions--are not really what the name implies...but actually the stuff of which this life is made.

Early morning balloon launch

Rigged-up slip-n-slide.

My hiatus from the heat has found its demise. Though the return to Summer on the Surface of the Sun, AZ will be...jolting...joyful is the anticipated Family Reunion of Five: Craig, Jordan, Seth, Lucy, and Hazel back in our nest, milling about on our own floor, *they*-rediscovering the contents of their closets, *me*-relishing lying on my own pillow next to my Own, *he*-relieved to return once more, at the end of a shift, to a house that has shifted in his absence with the rustle of six busy feet, the clearing and covering of counters, the flow of sand and pool water through the doorways, and the four pairs he can count and kiss--lips eager to meet his.

Thank you for letting us interrupt and weave our little lives into the interruptions of your own. It was nothing short of magical. Pefect, really.


Crystalyn said...

jordan, i was just thinking that i was a little sad this week does not have the "interruptions" planned that last week had. they were just what i needed to feel a little more alive...the days can too easily blend together into a feeling of "blahness" without such interruptions. they really are the stuff life is made of. thanks for sharing your time with us while you were here. i loved getting to know the "live" version of you.

Megan Midori said...

What fun memories! I'm so glad you were able to be here for so long and that I was able to get to know your kids!

Jenny said...

Does this mean you are back in the valley of the sun? I am sad we didn't hook up. It looks like you had a grand time with family. That photo at the bottom is so great with all of you guys together!

Tasha said...

You may not visit Utah again without visiting me!

Your trip sounds wonderful and I am so glad Craig got to surprise you.

Ann Dee said...

It was so good to see you, Jordan. I'm sorry Friday didn't work out . . It sounds like it was the perfect trip.

michelle said...

Your dad is just adorable! Loved the photo of the green shoes, yum. It was so sweet that Craig surprised you at the wedding, what a treat! I am sure he is relieved to have you all home now. (But I still have my doubts about the habitability of where you live...)

The interruptions really do make us feel a little more alive!

Jill said...

You packed so much fun into your trip to Utah, it's inspiring. Your pictures are beautiful, fun, cousin-filled and fabulous. I'm envious and I live here!