Tuesday, July 17, 2007

In My Life

I have to be careful. In my life. I have to be careful in my life because much seems not to go as it is expected to go. I arrange to dine with friends and of course sit alone at the wrong restaurant wondering why they are so very tardy. I plan to attend a party and as its date nears, wonder why no one is informing me of the specifics of date and time and place, when actually I am a whole month early. If there can be a kink in things, I will find the kink--or rather, the kink will find me. I did it again a week or so ago.

What's unfortunate about this is that there are other people in my life and sometimes they are forced to go along for this ride called "losing my mind". During the time that I was planning my trip to Utah with the children I got an email regarding a certain artist whose work I admire. He was opening his studio to the public. He lives in a small town conveniently located right on my route home. The date, in my mind, was also right at the right time for me to stop in to meet and see. I invited my parents to join me as they are friends of his. So, on the appointed Saturday morning we ventured South after piling the kids and their paraphernalia into the van. An hour and a half South, coming upon the town, things seemed awfully quiet and that particular twitch that warns me of the kink began to act up. We inquired and found the studio. Dead silent. Locked. No one in sight, least of all its owner. Disbelief. We were directed to "the" store in town because "they know everybody" only to discover that said open house was two weeks earlier and we had missed it. Horror.

Having driven so far with my kids and my parents all for naught seemed far to much to bear for a perfectly sound Saturday. For, it wasn't the day's fault but the days in my head that apparently had jumbled themselves in some sort of cruel farce.

You may have guessed by now that all was not for naught.

We, deciding not to waste our efforts, found our way to his residence.

My mom called from inside our van parked outside his house.

From within the house, he answered the phone.

"We thought your open house was today".

[Me, dying inside from pure embarrassment].

"Oh! Are you on your way?"

"No, actually, we are at your house."

"Guess what!"

"What [with a laugh]"

He then exclaimed that today was suddenly set aside for a private open house for his fellow artists. He turned out to be, not only an artist whose paintings seem to capture the small moments that make life so huge, but a man who captured this day's kink and painted it right away created instead a delightful afternoon--an afternoon full of tree houses, miniature horses, and a magical glimpse into his own creative place. My mom whispered that, "wasn't I glad I hadn't come alone": a no one in this artistic circle banging on doors expecting to be let in. I certainly would have been shooed off to tuck my tail inside my van and drive away with my confused head. Yes, very glad this day to have my parents along. But, weren't they glad to be passengers in my madness that day. For, in fact, they went home with a beautiful small painting. This was my favorite. Just a sketch. Staged right below the clerestory windows. A husband and wife....lying, trying...to catch the last threads of sleep before the demands of their three children invite the day completely in. The man has raised his head slightly-perhaps because the youngest has climbed up and cannot be ignored. Because what if she falls off the bed. He has no choice but to stir.

The woman is thinking, "Don't these children know that if they wake me, the day will begin and who knows what will happen."

She has a plan for them. But, it could be foiled. She has to be careful. There seems to be something Greater. In her life. Something greater jumbling dates and such in her mind to bend it to another Will.


michelle said...

Oh Jordan, to you it might seem like your life is full of little glitches and craziness, but to me it seems to be filled with beauty and magical experiences! What a wonderful turnaround.

Katy said...

You and I must be related. I always manage to catch the only possible glitch in situations of my life. Why is that? Certainly this one gave you due rewards of "making good things happen". I'm glad. Beautiful Blog BTW.

Rebecca said...

Glad to have shared your "mind glitch" with you at Brian's.
Love you lots!

Shawna B. said...

Jordan, that sketch of the children at the foot of the parents' bed stole my heart! So that means I have to have it, right? :) What a great day! Your mind glitch meant a private showing. Had you not fumbled the dates, there would have been no entrance to the studio, to his life, to his creative place. I think your mixed-up dates were actually quite serendipitous.

Jill said...

I'm so glad this kink worked out so well, what a cool thing to get to do. I don't know why we have to have brain spasms like that, but they must be for a reason eh?

Michelle said...

How lucky are you!!! Beautiful sketches and paintings. Bet it's good to be home- with your own. Two more weeks left for me- hope your trip was wonderful!

Kelly said...

What a lucky glitch this time! Pretty fantastic. I also love that sketch of the bed -- beautiful!

Amy said...

First, I love your new wide look. So fresh. And, of course, this entire post. Happy accident for a private viewing!

I still have people in town, but have been wanting to get together again to pick your brilliant mind about Angle of Repose. Shall we after I take a week or so to settle?

Lucy said...

I love that sketch too. Except it's usually my head lifted with my reluctant knowledge that it's all starting over again.

Beautiful story. I love how your mom was the hero, your kink became a happy story where artists united.

amy m said...

I am so glad that it all worked out despite your embarrassment and that you were able to see the artist. What wonderful work. The sketch that you loved brought tears to my eyes when I saw it. I love it and it so reminds me of what I have.

I wonder if it's for sale. I would buy it.

Chanel said...

What a great day and what a blessing that you had the day wrong.
I love the sketch of the three children at the foot of the bed. That is how I wake up every morning.