Thursday, July 26, 2007

Here's the scene:
Nearly 9:00am
Still in my robe
Lucy asking for more Wasabi Peas despite my "spicy" warning (this girl keeps me guessing)
Seth outside
Hazel Napping
Craig at the Hospital
House semi clean

It's days like this one that I wish my sister, Katy, and her four beauties lived around the corner and we could all just go over and lounge in each other's company. Over at Katy's we would probably be having scrumptious Overnight Waffles (instead of wasabi peas) and the kids would be completely occupied with each other's distractions
Olive and Lucy

Pearl, Lucy, Seth, and Divine

so my younger sister and I could get in a few projects, some laughs, and lots of verbal therapy. Today is her birthday. Here's wishing you closer, sis. Happy 28th! on the 26th! Gove your luts!


Katy said...

Thanks you! Gove your luts!

One day we will be closer!

Rebecca said...

Gove all your luts!

michelle said...

Could there be anything cuter than that last photo of you on the grass?

Jordan said...

Michelle, that's actually my sister. Don't feel bad, our kids even confuse us!!