Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday's Verse

For every emotion
was born inside me.
They all started out
Red, peely-skinned
Then learned to feed
On the things
I see:
Blue, pale and dark
Floating dreams, like
Cirrus shadows.


Amy said...

what takes me by surprise (being a mom only 4 years and a wife only 5)is when new "red, peely-skinned infant" emotions are still born to me. You'd think we'd have seen it all by now, but the world feeds us so much variety & color...and sometimes you do just feel so raw in the firsts of it. Loved your poem.

Jordan said...

Amy, I didn't think of that. But, it is truth. This truth you discovered deserves a whole set of verses of its own. It is what is hard and wonderful in life--the raw experiences.

rebecca said...

I recognize your photo...
Sometimes I feel like I am stumbling on NEW emotions, yes, but also tweaking the old just enough that I am in uncharted territory. Always a journey. Loved this today!

Rebecca said...