Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Scrambling with Me and the Three

After naps I still hadn't taken the two packages that needed mailing to the post office. I had all Three, Craig--working. So, against all my body was telling me, I exerted the effort to load up the three kids and all that this loading entails. We get to the post office, I unload Mr. Double Stroller, unload the girls, load up the girls in said stroller. Seth follows. While I mail the boxes the kids attempt to thwart their boredom by poking and prodding each other. We make it out and back into the car for one more stop for a Goodwill drop off. Then home. I prepared scrambled eggs, strawberries, and babybel cheese wheels while the two bathed. Scrubbed and jammied they sit up to eat.

With a since-three-o'clock-headache I stir formula, rice cereal and pears together for a Hazel meal and spoon it down while, for the third time, asking S and L to stop smooshing their strawberries with their forks on the table or I will throw away the strawberries. Smooshing does not subside. Strawberries in the trash. Apathy from Lucy, tears of distress from Seth. Eat your eggs, Seth. "No". Sweeps plate along with said eggs off into the air. Seth is subsequently swept off to bed with cries of 'I'm still hungry!'. Lucy finishes, then scooped into her crib. No teeth brushed, no stories read, no prayers, no kisses.

Back into the kitchen strewn with egg remnants and silence, I am greeted with Hazel's smile which seemed to say, "You did what you had to do, Mom, I totally understand under the circumstances." An astute young lady and a much needed encouragement after a dinner that did much discouraging. Head still aches. Seth yelling now, having accepted the fact that he really IS going to bed, "YOU HAVE TO TUCK ME IN!" I take the tucking task as an opportunity to "make up" with my sweet son who, unfortunately/fortunately has inherited my passion. Passion can break or bind. We've recently decided in our family, that we will use it to bind. Okay, so one kiss was given tonight-to Seth. Jammies on Hazel, remaining bottle chugged. Burps, tickles and giggles on my lap. Off to bed.

Thank goodness for the people who held the TWO doors into and out of the post office for the four of us and our double-wide and the automated package mailing machine that saved us a wait in line---or this could have been a REALLY disastrous evening for Me and the Three.


ingrid said...

Jordan, you are the one that deserves to be tucked in! Hang in there!

Shawna B. said...

I'm with Ingrid! It's YOU who deserves ... a post office trip with the THREE? Oh baby, you REALLY deserve! Taking the crew to the post office is an ascent into purgatory. You are a brace woman. I found myself cheering you on and nodding my head in understanding as I read this. Sure love you, my friend! Next time the post office is on the docket, I wish you could just run your three on over to me!

rebecca said...

I so enjoyed the recount of your day. Sorry it was an exhausting one, but told so frankly and lightly, somehow. Hazel is a gem, and so right. That one is on your team! She knows you are a rock star.

Elizabeth said...

K is well skilled in the plate flip to the floor move. I stopped going to the post office altogether for awhile and then recently took him and remembered why I wanted to buy that postage scale.

Kurt said...

What a good mom to go tuck in Seth after all that!
Love you lots!

Rebecca said...

Well, believe it or not you will be glad you recorded such days and reflect back! Oh motherhood!

Katy said...

I try to avoid the post office at all costs with my kids. People are either annoyed by us or feel sorry for me.

Glad you made up with Seth. It's hard to do sometimes. Children are so forgiving, aren't they?

Messimoo said...

He he he he he, I'm so sorry to laugh, but I so felt like I was reading about my own life. I have had those days. I look back and laugh now but hey, in the moment they are not so fun.

I found your blog from a friend who found it on a friends. She said I might like to read it and I do, I enjoyed seeing my life playing out in someone else's shoes, is that horrible, well, at least you know someone is there with ya!