Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Dads

This is Carl D. Craig's father. He is a quiet man and I've found, when you meet a quiet man you listen when he speaks. He is, in a word, stalwart. He is devoted. He is VERY disciplined--the most disciplined person I think I've ever met. Every day, he runs and writes in his journal. He is a wonderful example as is evident in his four wonderful sons. I am grateful to him for that. I am glad he is MY father-in-law! And, of course, last, but not least at all--my Dad. Here, it is Christmas time and he is making Danish puff pastry. A tradition that he seems to passing down to an attentive Hazel. He loves sweets, his wife, and his grandchildren--not in that order.

Lucy enjoying the fireworks with Grompa. Dad, has always been one of the kids since I was a kid. He loves to goof around and this has and will endear this next generation to him. I love you, Dad!!


Katy said...

We're fans of Carl around here!

We're blessed with such a dad as Kurt, aren't we?

ingrid said...

You are indeed blessed to have such wonderful father figures in your life. I love the photo of Hazel on the table with your dad. Did you make that blanket? I LOVE it!

rebecca said...

3 great shots here! Happy Father's Day to your Fathers!

Kurt said...

Jordan, Thank your for your Father's Day Sentiments. I'm so happy to be your Father and the Grampa of Seth Lucy and Hazel. Couldn't get any better than that!

Jill said...

You two have amazing fathers, no wonder you're both amazing people.

michelle said...

I love the idea of listening when a quiet man speaks. So true.