Thursday, May 24, 2007

Three Acts of Holding Back

Holding Back
In my hand's palm
Well-bottoms where
they grow jewels
Giant half-moon surprises.

Squeezing Back
Fisting the reveal
Hidden in Hand Strokes,
Finger pokes, and old jokes:
My soul.

Dropping Back
Palming little heads
ahead to eclipse
the elusion of Being


Shawna B. said...

Jordan, please keep the beautiful poetry coming. I love it so! It sounds like all is well in Mangum land. What a great trip you had! Fun to take a glimpse into what you've been up to and where you've been.

Oh! And HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Craig! Truly a great guy.

Amy said...

I can tell you came back renewed! Your creativity & flow of ideas...Wow. I think I need such refreshment. Love the poetry & agree with Shawna's "keep it coming." It makes me pause, think & smile.

Jenny said...

Happy belated birthday Craig. I am a bit behind. You guys are a great pair. I especially love all the photos to go funny.

And Hazel already 7 months-where has time gone?

Elizabeth said...

That is the sweetest picture I've seen and even better with those beautiful words.

Katy said...

You do make me think--I had to read this a few times over. Please include it in your book of poetry that you will some day publish :)!

Katherine said...

What a beautiful picture and I love your poem!

amy m said...

love your words and your way.

rebecca said...

Wow - what a way with words. "palming little heads" and the "elusion" (love that) "of Being One."
Yes, please, keep these coming!