Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Day in the Life: Third and Final Installment

Tide Changes and Turbulent Weather

At the curb in front of our house, Seth "buckles out" and gathers the mail in our box from the passenger seat window. We examine the tomatoes in the pot by the garage—we have been eager for the “redding” of our fruit--on to lunch. Trader Joe's oh-so-creamy mac 'n cheese, fruit slices, buttered wheat toast and milk. Three compartments in our colorful, compartmentalized plastic plates and ALL three MUST be filled with a different item.

Let Lucy down to allow for pre-nap poop time. 1:20pm. Upon her success she is swooped into bed with "passer and blanket". Seth is sent outside where he strips down to nothing and resumes his environmental engineering of the rivers and tributaries created by the garden hose. Finally, Hazel has my restful attention as she slurps another 8 ounces before a "may" or "may not" nap. I sometimes gather up the breakfast, and now lunch layer then proceed with any additional household tinkering. Sometimes with a book, sometimes a Seth spectator, always a few moments spent at my portal to the outside world and a little bit of household pick up. This is a nice swirl of calm from the spinning.

3:00pm. Just as the tides goes out, it must always come back in again. Lucy and Hazel create waves once more as they stir, then wake from an afternoon slumber. I mentally note, “three hours to bedtime”, and take a deep breath. It is nearly too hot to step foot out of doors, if we do, the “misters” take the edge off the heat of porch play: hula hoop tossing, swing spinning, chalk painting, hose squirting, sand spreading, bumper trikes, or a lovely swim. Indoors we take advantage of every member awake by blasting some music and getting the energy level even higher!! Indoors, paint, playdo, and toys whittle away the remains of the day. Hazel is rotated from her thingamabob to carpet, to high chair, to hip.

4:30pm. Into the butterfly bath, empty the frogpod for a joyous half hour of occupied octopi (because sometimes it feels as though each of them has eight appendages). During this time I muster up a couple of vitamin packed meals (tonight whole wheat pasta and meatballs, apricot wedges, and green beans) and deal them out into the compartments. Then, we always experience some turbulent weather, some have compared it to a hurricane, as we three (Hazel watching) dance around each other towels, diapers and jammies flying until we land coiffed and cozy and ready to dine. While Seth and Luce nibble and snicker their way through dinner Hazel gets spoonfuls of mush with carrots or peas for palatability. 5:30pm. Dinner's end heralds stories, a round of London Bridges and Ring around the Rosies, then prayers on the above green rug. Then, they scoot off to bed without too much protestation except for one or two shrill screams from Lucy. Those soon subside as she lays down and curls over obviously greatful for the rest from her non-stop days. Seth will have one more lengthy conversation to get off his chest regarding the weather up at Grandma and Grandpa's house, the following days activities, or the amazing feats of pumps and waterfalls that he is already constructing in his head to be executed in the morning. We get through this, my head hovering through the nearly closed door, then, our final adieu, "Love you, see you in the morning!"

Now, our dear sweet Craig—Dad, as the littles call him—peppers his appearances at varied times of the day depending, once again, on the whims of the residency scheduler. These surfacing are savored. We only try and imagine what it will be like when those whims belong to us and our fate is more securely in our hands. Until then, these are our days.


ingrid said...

You are such a fun Mom! I have loved your day in the life series. Your kids will enjoy reading about their childhood one day written by you in such a poetic way.

It's always a fun surprise for the kids when our dear sweet, hardworking, resident husbands come home. It feels like Christmas morning...a cherished treat indeed. I sure wish we lived closer!

Katherine said...

Just beautiful, Jordan! And kind of familiar... at least during finals week when we rarely see our cherished Bobby. You are helping me to gear up for residency. I loved reading about a day in the life of Jordan.

Jenny said...

I feel like singing that song "These are the Days to remember..." By Natalie ?

Such a beautiful way to explain the day. I cherish those time the hubby comes home as well. I love all the great photos you captured.

Elizabeth said...

You make everything sound lovely Jordan. Very light and lilting.

rebecca said...

You have inspired me to document, in detail, the snapshot of my little's time - NOW. Thanks for the details, and can I just say, WOW - you are a champion. I firmly believe that someday you will look back through these entries, and believe that surely you were exaggerating - no one could fit that much into one day!