Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Day in the Life: Second Part

The tan Camry and Early Education

I graze on hot toast and fruit and juice—maybe an egg or two—lightly scrambled, always moist and fluffy, while the two taunt each other from their eating stations. Mid-meal, Seth nearly always needs to pee. He announces it like this, "Everyone! Stop what you're doing! I need to go pee right now!! Clear a path immediately!!" Okay, he does not say this, but this is the tone of his urgent cries. So, he goes pee, standing, with no help and relatively few stray dribbles or squirts--a great feat that secretly beams the pride within me. He’s been doing this for awhile now, but I still smile inside when I hear that tinkle of independence.

A bit of morning play shaves off the minutes before the ride to "Sethie's Preskoo".Together, Seth and I build the daily fort. This is important because I am briefed, on his plans for said fort. These plans always include Dad, some hiding, a search, then various fort picnics, parties, and relaxation. Somehow, the plans never reach fruition, upon Dad's arrival home, other plans overtake fort precedence. Clothed and sandaled, we pile into the back seat of the tan Camry—all four of us. After three bodies buckled and a bevy of bruises on my shins we are almost ready.

I replenish my stylin’ seahorse bag with a No.3 and a No.5 (diapers), check the wipey content, stash two fruit snacks, some of Hazel's formula dust and a bottle of water. We leave the "fort-ified" living room" and a layer of abandoned breakfasting over the kitchen (and sometimes that curious monkey is left on the TV still making mischief while we're away). The 10-minute ride is smoothed with snacks of the fruity sort and any violations of the "hands-to-yourself" rule are quickly shooed off with the "monster tickle hand" (as I dip into my supply of silly that I stocked up on this morning). Seth sends me and the girls off with a kiss--never any words--as he slips around the puzzle table and waits for his early “education” to resume.

And...we're off! We have two hours to make the regular rounds: Trader Joe's for frozen haricot Verts and drinkable yogurt without the evil HFCS, Costco for milk and juice and gas (our liquid stop), target for swimwear and popcorn for Lucy. While she munches, Hazel downs "second breakfast" in her seat where she skips the burp and goes straight to hiccups, and we're off! Back in time to join the 15 minutes of “outdoor play” and pack the kids back into the tan Camry.

We may stop at the park for an hour of sand time (until of course the degrees reach the scorching point then the pool will be our refuge—yes, we have already reached that point). Home again.


ingrid said...

I'm loving your day in the life installments and I can't wait for the third part if this series! Now that we are less than a month away from our little #4 arriving, I keep thinking about our fun adventures with the three little ones in the back of our Corolla (like you in your Camry!). I wouldn't change it for the world, except of course, a larger vehicle IS a necessity now!

And congrats to Seth on his morning announcements! I too would be beaming! You are such an inspiration for documenting all these simple yet quite important moments with your children.

Jenny said...

I probably need some installments on my day. Great idea. I am glad you at least have a pool to getaway in, even though it's only May! I'll be right there with you soon.

Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean about hearing that independent tinkle. My little guy is doing it now and it thrills me to no end.
Oh I would love to bring that yogurt home with me. Next trip I will have to bring a cooler.