Saturday, April 07, 2007

You Have a Happy Easter

Ours certainly looks promising!


Kelly said...

I love the serious expression! Easter egg coloring is serious business. Happy Easter to you!

Amy said...

Promising indeed. A happy Easter to the Mangum's!

Jenny said...

Love the paper towel bib--classic. I wish ours looked brighter. I am afraid we are doing our egg hunt indoors tomorrow. Happy Easter!

Jill said...

These are such cute pictures. I bought a couple dying kits but can't bring myself to do it because I hate the smell of the eggs and then we won't eat them. It would be for fun and for photo ops only, but the stank outweighs even those two reasons.

ingrid said...

Happy Easter, Mangum Family!

Elizabeth said...

Your eggs look so great. Very vibrant!

Kristi Brooke said...

Hippy hop, hippity hop.
Will the Easter Bunny stop?
Will he leave a treat behind,
An Easter basket for me to find?

I'll look over here,
I'll look over there,
I'll look behind things,
I'll look everywhere
I'll look until I find my treat,
And then I'll sit right down and eat.

Happy Easter!

sista # 2 said...

Hope it was a beautiful day for you. Sweet pictures ;) -janae

amy m said...

Happy Easter to you. Loving those eggs.

cute photos

Crystalyn said...

hope it was a great one!