Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday's Verse

Three Photographic Snaps

A lawn lounge with novel narcissism:
I, a page turner, a real read:
Spring, back then.
Now: snow cones, strollers, sticky kissing
Already three bodies additional
To watch.
My own getting lost in the gaze.
Not my own any longer.

Was this what you saw,
Twenty plus years back and beyond?
A fluffy fuchsia flower—the bud and me.
Gaze flits outside the lens,
“Hold still, look here, at me”.
Look at me.
Did you know, I would grow, to have
My own?

What is it like to see eye to eye,
With a child now, once but knee-high.
Is it worth the toddling tumble and flow,
Long afternoons—r est—a “no show”?
Then, captured: softness floats
To the top of your heart and totes
A longing along, a quick query:
“Time, away with your ticks, here are we.”

--j km
*dedicated to my dad, first given through the mail, delivered by a live postman.


Amy said...

Pure delight. Please pleasure us with a "j km" verse every Wednesday. You've got me thinking to write more, too...and oh how my mind could use it.

Jenny said...

Beautiful words and photos.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, loved the poetry the pics and Regina Spektor. Ashley and I both like her Fidelity song, though she does sound a bit chimpish as she sings the chorus.

Tasha said...

Its beautiful Jordan. Sure love you!

annalisa said...

I remember a time when I could read during the day without interruption.

Ann said...

You are gifted Jo! You have inspired me to start up poetry writing again. I started a few on my mission, but as you know, there isn't a whole lot of time for such things.

rebecca said...

Lovely. Especially as it was dedicated to and sent to your father, surely a touching surprise through the post. It was as sweet here, today!

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful gift for your Dad. WHat lovely photos of your lovelies.