Friday, April 27, 2007

Uncle Ben

Ben looking on as Seth disperses gifts onChristmas Eve
One thing for each year of your life on this day when we celebrate YOU!!
1. Guileless: free of deceit. All of the boys in my family are this way.
2. Speaks with great brevity. When Ben says something, listen because he chooses his words carefully and you may not hear him speak again for awhile.
3. Has been known to complement me on--my mothering! I find this endearing for some reason.
4. Gentle and kind. Really.
5. Smart, also, more importantly, wise.
6. Has a head of outrageously curly "dark blonde" hair.
7. Tall and skinny. All of the boys in my family are this way.
8. As a youngster he was always hurting himself--fearless.
9. Returned from serving a mission for our church in Portugal.
10. The youngest child of six.
The boys at Stan's in Provo--Ben, far right.
11. Has a very lucky future wife.
12. Love to cook and concoct in the kitchen.
13. He doesn't like his bacon too crispy or too floppy--just right, inbetween.
14. Is always leaving food out on the counter and on plates, half-eaten all over the house. We attribute this to the fact that there are much more pressing matters on his mind.
15. His surrounding are generally not tidy. But his self is, always. All the boys in my family are this way.
16. Ben is stylish.
Ben with sweet sweet Olivia (Seth's secret crush)
17. When asked what her favorite thing about Ben is, Lucy said, "He has a birthday!"
18. Craig is impressed with Ben's "two-worders". Answers that somehow satisfy the question in a pair of pronouncements.
19. Ben is smooth.
20. Ben is deliberate.
21. Ben laughs by smiling really big.
22. I love Ben!
Happy Birthday little brother!


ingrid said...

What a fun post! I am curious - when did he serve in Portugal? My brother served there as well...

Tasha said...

How tall is he? That looks like Dave and I next to each other!
Happy Birthday Ben!