Thursday, April 05, 2007

Merging Motherhood and the Modish

I stumbled upon a place on a new friend's blog that incorporates the modern woman's desire to at once mother and maintain that modernity all with flair and design that make the mundane somehow an artistic endeavor. She is an old acquaintance from my college years and I am thrilled to discover her offering to this weird world of blogging. Mother of 5, graphic designer/art director in New York City: Gabby Blair is the queen of flair. Instead of wasting another night on Sanjayas antics (so I hear) or the latest crime some virtual "window shopping" at Design Mom's Place and "style" your life.

"The term "design" is thrown around like no body's business these days. But what it generally refers to is a thoughtfulness about the form and function of every item and activity in one's life."

For those of us somewhat "home bound" this connection to some sense of aesthetic and new ideas for mothering day to day is a life saver--if not a style saver!

Plus, who doesn't like free stuff?


Crystalyn said...

will definitely have to keep browsing these ideas. thanks for the tip!

Kelly said...

Such a great place, and how fun to discover someone you know!

amy m said...

Thanks for sharing. I love all things design and imagine this would help with my homebound state.

michelle said...

Very very cool!

carlo said...

and her blog is so great! small world, indeed.