Friday, April 06, 2007

Future Daddy and Future Fashionista

Today, trying on dresses that I can't afford with the girls:

2-year-old Lucy: "Ooh, Mommy you are cute, turn around!"
Me: (twirling a little black polka dotted number)
2-year-old Lucy: "Good job."

Today, in Seth's room putting on dry clothes for the third time after hose play:

Seth: "When I am a mommy--"
Me: "You won't be a mommy, you will be a Daddy."
Seth: "Oh. When I am a Daddy, I will teach you how to climb a tree."
Me: "I can't wait until you are a Daddy!!"


Tasha said...

So cute! All of your kids will grow up to do wonderful things, I am sure!

Amy said...

I change my boys about three times a day, too. And then they end up nude. Anyone who knocks on my door mid-day will no doubt see Aidan in his undies.

I just bought a black polka dotted shirt. I'm sure you need the dress.

shawnab. said...

Buy the dress. I give you permission (now if I could just give you the cash!)

I loved my little late night jaunt down Jordan Lane (I fell asleep early tonight and now, well, I'm up. Tyler's on call ... so here I am!). I need a smellavision, too! Was Craig doing a pretend commercial there, because I love that! I do that! Next time, my "audience" will also be encouraged to get a smellavision!

I love your Wednesday poem. Jordan, it's perfect. And what a perfect day as the inspiration. What a happy life.

Katy said...

Wish you were here and we could whip you up an original Katy!

Pearl's always telling me things she's going to to when she's a mommy (like let her kids get a whole hotdog at costco and help paint walls)--and she asked if Ryan and I would come visit her.

I want Seth to teach me to climb a tree, too.

michelle said...

I love anything that's black/white polka dots. If you can twirl in it, even better! What a good coach you have. Can you even stand the waiting to see what they will grow up to become?

Jordan said...

Oh, Shawna! Thank you for the "go ahead" on the dress, really, you should have seen it...Lucy was right--I DID look cute! Ha! It's either look nice at the dinner Saturday night or pay for Seth's preschool for the month??? Hmmm...I'm always the "close second" these days! I really don't mind though.

Jordan said...

KATY!! I would love for you to whip up one of your originals!! A dress--or ANYTHING for that matter.

Jenny said...

Yes, buy it my friend!! I know that is much easier said than done. But how often to you find a number that you Love? I have been on the look out for months and haven't found a single thing.

But, preschool or dress? I would have to pick preschool (I have done that debate before) I am so with ya!

Kelly said...

Oh, I'm sure the polka dots were darling. It seems we never find the polka dot dresses when there is not a dress/preschool conundrum going on.

I'm excited to hear about your tree climbing education when the time comes!

Jill said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute!

Crystalyn said...

great conversations! love the good job. one of our favorite lines by our 2 year old. her dad gave the opening prayer and as he was coming down the aisle she yelled, "Good job Daddy! Good job!"

annalisa said...

I love the things kids say.