Wednesday, May 23, 2007

31 Years Plus one Week

A belated birthday post for my own true love.

Picking a man in a corduroy
suit who suits the who
that I am.
One open-heart Sunday,
He hushed a hall and set my beat.

Not just another warm body
possibly the fuel
pulsing through my veins.
He might quiz
That impossibility.

Same man, grounded eyes set on high
says: you are my star
that fell from heaven
another impossibility
Stars and fuel--set our life real-ing.

Not feeling like but
falling like
a star, here I am
happy to have been
caught by him.

1. I knew i could marry him after our first date.
2. He did the drug testing for Michelle Kwan once.
3. His affections run deep for the important people in his life.

4. He was the goal keeper for the national champion BYU Men's soccer team.
5. He is passionate about his family, and soccer.
6. He is devoted, in the most unassuming way, to his religious beliefs.
7. He believes in the "better out than in" philosophy as far as flatulence is concerned.
8. He is adored by his three children.
9. He likes to quiz me.
10. I threw out a whole gallon Ziploc bag of pens that had accumulated somehow in our house. I will never make the same mistake again. (This was the only time I have seen Craig visibly upset at me. I retrieved the back from the trash).
11. He runs marathons on a moment's notice.
12. Everybody loves Dr. Gooch.

13. I trust his instincts.
14. He is nearly always right.

15. I don't let on that I know this.

16. He is a very good driver, much better than me.

17. He taught me how to take myself and life less seriously.

18. Life, for this reason, has become much more livable.

19. He encourages the pursuit of my dreams.

20. He is a good doctor.

21. He is a good teacher.

22. He loves Haribo gummy candies.

23. He loves all other candy, too.

24. He is NOT a morning person.

25. I am NOT a night person.

26. We get along best in the afternoon!!

27. Though he would deny it, he is undeniably handsome--irresistible, really.

28. He is a good father.
29. He chooses his friends wisely.
30. He has promised me the world and he delivers.
31. I ADORE him.


Katy said...

SWEET shades, Craig. But, really, you are perfect for my sister. I'm glad you two found each other. We truly celebrate your 31 years of earth. Happy Birthday!

PS Pearl says you have lots more hair.

Christine said...

I knew Craig at BYU and did the drug testing with him. Happy Birthday Craig!

Weird coincidence....I have a daughter named Lucy too.

Love your blog!

Kurt said...

even his father-in-law loves the guy!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

I ran into you blog via Elizabeth. You have a lovely blog- you write so beautifully! Jolene Nagel has passed on all you greetings and we've never had a chance to wish you the same. I couldn't help but notice that your husband played for BYU soccer.I know this is really strange so bear with me- he may have played with my old fiance Steven Crook. I think he was the national MVP in 1997 or 1998 ( that's a whole other story saved for another day!). Anyhow we'd love to know how you are doing. I goofed up on the comment previous, I wrote in the wrong email- I'm new at this. My email is
by the way did you know the Nagel's are moving to Indiana?

Jeni said...

Happy Birthday Goochman!! I love ya bunches and miss you!

Crystalyn said...

you are an amazing writer (i've said it you tire of hearing it?) love your poem.

great list. i especially like #29. what a tribute.

rebecca said...

Happy Day to Craig!