Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Celebrating the first day of your Life on the first day of Spring

A few things I've noticed and admired:

Understands more than most the crucial role of a strong family and the significance of "multiplying and replenishing"

One of two people who constitute "the happiest couple I know"

The funnest most fashionably sensible father to be found

Willing and ready to try anything new: cereal, gum flavors, beverages, and sweets of all kind (we ignore his attempts at "no sugar" dieting).

The keenest observer, notices details that escape most.

Color is a passion of his, this shows not only in his wonderful work as an artist, but in EVERYTHING he does.

There is a certain tenderness he displays to his grandchildren that feels to them like they are his equal--this endears them to him.

He serves the salad for dinner on individual plates, always.
Everything he does is with flourish and finish!
He really loves and believes and knows the gospel.
He is my favorite father.

Your gift is in the mail!


Sara said...

What a great tribute to a great man (although I have only met him briefly once or twice, I know he must be great because he produced a fabulous daughter)! Just read your blog about Lucy. . . YIKES! So glad she is alright Jordan.

Kristi Brooke said...

The keenest observer, notices details that escape most.

i love this comment.
happy birthday

Amy said...

I love the energy to detail of separate salad dishes...sadly, a lost art of formality.

Happy birthday to him!

Elizabeth said...

I love the flourish and finish part. It reminded me of my mom. What a wonderful tribute.

Jenny said...

Sweet tribute Ms. Jordan. Your parents are lucky to have you. Happy Birthday to your dad.

amy m said...

Dad's are the best. Loved reading your thoughts of him. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jord,
You make me cry! Thank you for the birthday wishes, both written, spoken and shown! Our stop to visit was way too short. Hope to see you all again very soon.
Love you lots!

ingrid said...

Dads are wonderful and what a beautiful tribute. I see many similarities between you and your father - both amazing people!

ingrid said...

Dads are wonderful and what a beautiful tribute. I see many similarities between you and your father - both amazing people!

rebecca said...

What an impression you have painted here! A lucky Dad, a lucky daughter. I have so enjoyed thinking of him and your whole clan today. What a delight to be called half of "the happiest."
Happy Birthday!

shawnaB. said...

Jordan! No wonder you are so spectacular! Yours sounds like an amazing father. I've heard you sing his praises through the years and I love your tribute to him.

I about died reading about Lucy's scorpion sting. Oh Jordan ... I hover, too, and still Owen aspirated a peanut and Hayden got a kidney infection and Curits got hit by the ball and ... but hover is what we do, and I say let's embrace it. just think - would it be worse if we didn't? I do belive.

Loved your St.Patty's pics, too ... I have missed my Jordan updates! I am behind in all areas of my life - blogging included! At least that's a fun one to get caught up on!

shawnaB. said...

YES to individual salad plates! I do that, too, but admittedly not so much for the flair, but because I can't stand the salad dressing seeping into the other food! "Finish and flair" is a much cooler reason for individual plates!

Crystalyn said...

so sweet. love the picture. what a wonderful dad.

sista # 2 said...

Very sweet words to your wonderful father -happy b-day to him!-ciao

michelle said...

Beautiful tribute to your father. He sounds like a wonderful man!