Saturday, February 03, 2007

Toxin Dumping

There is a wave rippling through the blogging world that i have noticed lately. People are "toxin dumping". The women I have read...Julia, Annalisa, Rebecca, Jenny , and so many more, compose these worries beautifully in their own ways. Women love to be strong, they love even more to be seen as strong. Most of the time they ARE strong, but in all this strength are embedded little pockets of fear, anger, frustration, and sadness. I believe these little pockets grow and become toxic and if not dumped regularly...detrimental. So here's to taking out the trash and what better forum, eh?
I'm just glad I have this "place" that is my own that I can use as a sounding board for waves in my head! Thank you.


annalisa said...

I commented on your venting post, but it said anonymous (I wish I knew a resident's wife in SLC). Weird.
I totally agree, obviously, as I toxin dumped. The stretch between what I was feeling and what I was portraying was about to rip until I finally had to get it out.
We rush to the computer to share our happy times, but hesitate with sad ones, when it is exactly what we all need. I have found these types of posts have only endeared me to fellow bloggers and never made me think less of them.

Jill said...

I feel like I have dumped my toxins on my blog many times and always feel better after I've done so. I also enjoy reading other people's toxin-posts because they're so honest and real. It's comforting to know them on that level and to feel like we're connected in yet another way.

Elizabeth said...

I think a blog is a wonderful place to do this. It is all our own and people choose to read it or not.
It seems safer then doing it to a person in real life.

ingrid said...

I find it so uplifting to read your words yet again. I don't have a blog to do my "toxin dumping" but I do appreciate those friends in my life that I can be completely real with and I appreciate all you bloggers that continue to inspire me.

Jordan, thanks for this post.

Jenny said...

Yes dumping a good thing. I am often glad I write the things when I do because the next day I feel differently. Most of the time better, but when I am upset, worried, etc. I am glad I write those too. It's good to see a life of ups and downs. I think we can learn so much from it.

So here's to many more toxic dumping!

Amy said...

Most of us at-homer's need to know we're not alone...need to know that we're not the only ones with crazed children...need to know that we're not the only ones who Love motherhood, but Do get bored & long for some Self time.

Purging can be very good...and the Me Too! support of fellow bloggers is a beautiful thing.

rebecca said...

Yes, sometimes a toxin or 2 needs to be rid of. Sometimes sending it "out there" does the trick.