Friday, January 12, 2007

Twenty Nine

1. I've always felt older than I am, even in grade school.
2. I'm very sensitive to what people say and often wear my emotions on my sleeve and I believe this causes others to underestimate my strength.
3. I'm a strong person and am not afraid of tackling any task (except Latin, it totally stumped me).
4. I am always putting my kids' shoes on the wrong feet, I've gotten comments from people at the grocery store about this, but mostly it's my husband that makes fun of me.
5. I recently lost my fashion sense.
6. I am nearly always convinced by television ads.
7. I admire unassuming people, I want to be an unassuming person, but I assume a lot.
8. I cry when my children get hurt.
9. If there is any leftover, I pour out the milk the day the gallon expires, even if it doesn't smell.
10. Every day I think about how glad I am to have found the husband I did.
11. My son Seth has made me reconsider everything.
12. Lucy cannot be brought down--she is THE ray of sunshine under our roof.
13. I secretly believe Hazel to be our middle child--if I can just muster the strength and convince Craig to make it happen--you know what I mean.
14. I love ice in beverages.
15. I refuse to hassle with ice trays in my freezer.
16. I dream of owning a fridge with an in-door ice machine.
17. I often have to be honked at to go on green lights.
18. If my husband had known this before he married me, he would not have married me.
19. I always told myself I would marry a poor schoolteacher or writer or an artist, someone who would be home with me a lot--certainly not a doctor!
20. I would not marry myself, I am stubborn and could argue a point to my grave--I'm learning how to value relationships more than driving a point home.
21. When I was sixteen I was driving on the freeway with my family in the car and rolled it in the median.
22. This was a highly traumatic event for me and I still have difficulty discussing it today.
24. I played hacky sack in high school.
25. I also cut my hair one inch long all over during my sophomore year.
26. I was also voted "Most Preferred", which begs three questions: why?, for what? and who cares?
27. I traveled alone to Ireland when I was 20 and sold vegetables at an outdoor market in Cork, the owner of the stand told everyone I was President Clinton's daughter--they all thought it was really funny.
28. I kissed the Blarney Stone and have had great luck ever since!
29. I bathed ostriches, shoveled the poop of 300 rabbits, and made paella in Malaga, Spain.
30. I don't speak Spanish.
31. I speak Russian.
32. I always think I'm really normal and everyone else is weird--is this possible?
33. I hitch-hiked from the coast of Wales to London with a girl from CA that I met in Ireland.
34. I spent a night in Jersey on my way home from Dublin with a girl I met in Paris in a hostel I stayed in--the same night Princess Diana was killed.
35. My favorite movie is Amelie--speaking of Lady Di.
36. I would only eat Gelato and yummy beverages if it would sustain me nutritionally.
37. I majored in Comparative Literature in college.
38. Books are a magical part of my life.
39. I cry when people give thoughtful gifts...meaning, a lot of thought went into the giving of it.
40. I hate any type of bone cracking.
41. I hate to be tickled, it makes me mad.
42. I love to tickle my kids.
43. I am embarrassed that I love clothes so much, I can't help it, I blame it on my mother and her mother!
44. I have been known to put my kids down for the night at 5pm--quite often.
45. Their bedtime is 6pm.
46. They sleep until 7am.
47. 44-46 is the one of my greatest triumphs as a mother.
48. I am really good at arcade games, I mean really good.
49. I hate video games now and have a hard time letting them into my home.
50. I feel like a little girl trying to raise children.
51. I am a food snob.
52. I love to cook.
53. I hate paying money for yucky food.
54. My parents are artists so we didn't have coloring books growing up and I knew who Georgia O'Keefe was at a very young age. Some of Mom and Dad's work, respectively:

Finally, Anenome I Can Love

55. Besides my parents, one of my favorite artists is Brian Kershisnik:

Lover's Running

56. I stared at the number 56 on my screen for 15 minutes, time to move on.

57. I used to take pride in how patient of a person I was, then I had children.

58. All of a sudden this blog is forcing me to double space.

59. I worry that I am ruining my children, they come so perfect.

60. I don't scrapbook...I only secure the pictures with old-fashioned photo corners into the album, somehow this feels like a confession.

61. I have a beautiful black guitar that my husband gave me as a wedding gift. It is waiting for me in the closet. Someday I hope to be able to serenade him on the beach.

62. I have a lovely easle with a blank canvas. It is also in the closet waiting...I hope to someday transform some sketches I have in my head into an oil painting.

63. I have never started so many sentences with the word "I".

64. I love that the man I chose to marry is MINE forever!

65. When we are in the car together, Craig drives--it is an agreement we have made to save our marriage.

66. It is not because he is a better driver.

67. Growing up, I wanted to be an actress. Good thing we come to our senses more as we age. But, I stills secretly want to be the star of a Broadway show.

68. I want to be a forest ranger with Craig once our kids are grown and gone.

69. I think way to often about what I will do once our kids are grown and gone.

70. I sometimes feel I am not selfless enough to be a good mother.

71. But, I also feel mothers should automatically be pardoned of at least half their sins due to the sacrifice they make.

72. I think women are amazing.

73. I'm listening to Hazel breathe as she sleeps right now.

74. I catch myself sometimes tearing up when I look at my college diploma. It means a lot to me than I finished my degree.

75. My first neighbor as a married woman was Rebecca S., this was not an accident, it was surely by divine design.

76. I have never felt that being a mother in the home has failed to challenge my intellect.

77. I was born in Pasadena, CA where my Dad was attending the Art Institute.

78. I spent the next 12 years of my life living in Albuquerque on a Cul-de-sac. I learned how to spell Albuquerque and Cul-de-sac there.

79. In a spelling bee I misspelled the word "question".

80. In elementary school I sang in the Tiger Tuner's choir. In high school I sang in both Acapella and Show Choir. I also sang in my parents' ward choir.

81. I can't sing.

82. My heart still pounds when I hear Craig's keys in the door.

83. I have nothing to complain about, yet I always seem to find something.

84. I wash, exfoliate, and moisterize my face every morning and night.

85. I don't floss my teeth.

86. I dump out the milk left in my bowl after the cereal is gone, can't stand it. Yet, I will cut off the mold of a block of cheese and continue to use it for quite awhile.

87. I love to hide, then jump out and scare Craig.

88. I see floating things, usually people, at night when I sleep--this freaks me out, but I am getting more and more used to it--so is Craig.

89. I sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door and didn't realize this until I read Rebecca's 100 things--what does this all mean?

90. I sing "Here Comes the Sandman" to my kids at night. I love that they request it often. It was sung to my grandmother by her mother and to me by my mother who had it sung to her by my grandmother--are you confused yet?

91. I had a seizure on Lake Powell when I was 4 years old.

92. I fed my kids hot dogs, strawberris and pretzels for dinner tonight--as long as I'm confessing!

93. The song "Lady in Red" by Chris DeBurgh creeps me out.

94. I knew I wanted to marry Craig after our first date.

95. Not too long ago I learned that the lyrics to a popular song were not "I know my knees are grey", but "I know my needs are great".

96. My knees are kind of grey.

97. I love soup!

98. I am baffled by how difficult it is to be a wife and mother.

99. I am baffled by how easy it is to be both those things.

100. I hope my intentions hold substantial weight when I am knocking on the pearly gates one day.

101. The best birthday gift I recieved today was being home together and healthy with this little family I've started.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
I want to say I am jealous of your world travels without seeming ungrateful for mine. I am always in awe of people who travel with such spontaneity.
I too hate to be tickled, but love to tickle my girl, I hate bone cracking (something my husband is fond of doing), put my daughter to bed early, and have recently discovered my fashion sense in fading despite my love of clothes.
I laugh about your being in so many choirs in high school despite not being able to sing because I did the same thing! I think I have gotten worse with age, but I cannot imagine all the people I tortured with my voice.
I hope you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

What a great list! I also hate paying for yucky food and have become quite the food snob.
Amelie is one of my favorites also.
I also thought I owuld marry a schoolteacher who was home a lot. Not a busy lawyer.
And many more. Glad you had a great birthday!

michelle said...

Hooray! I love your list. I hate paying for yucky food, too, and am a bit of a food snob. I've always felt older than I am too. But I keep the milk until it starts to seem off. (That is, if for some reason my kids don't drink it before it expires, which rarely happens.) I love ice in beverages, too, and am thrilled to finally have an in-door icemaker. I always think I'm normal and others are weird, too. I wonder if everyone thinks that? Books are indeed a magical part of life. I too am good at arcade games but hate video games! (Thought I was the only one.) I want to know how "Here Comes the Sandman" goes, and I love that you wouldn't marry yourself! Hope you had a great birthday.

michelle said...

p.s. that family photo is about the most beautiful thing ever.

Jordan said...

This is for you, Michelle:

Here comes the Sandman,
Tripping so lightly,
Going along on the tips of his toes,
As he carrie the sand,
In his own little hands,
to the eyes of the sleepy children,
Go to sleep my baby,
Close your sleepy eyes,
The lady moon is watching,
Throughout the darkened skies,
The little birds are peeping,
To see if you are sleeping,
Go to sleep my baby,
Close your eyes,

The tune is as sweet as the words.

Kelly said...

Hi, I had to visit your list. I really enjoyed reading it! My list also started making me double space at about the same point -- that made me laugh out loud! This was a very insightful list, and I loved your family picture! It was nice to kind of meet you this way.

And, Happy Birthday!

Jill said...

Jordan you are simply beautiful inside and out. I feel lucky to have met you and am so intrigued by your list. (After reading everyone else's mine seems too simplistic).

--Your car accident with your family sounds frightening.
--Your family picture is precious.
--It's so sweet that you think of Hazel as your middle child.

Thanks for posting your list! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan, I sent a little birthday present via good e-mail. I thought I would mention it here in case it went to your junkmail.

Kristi Brooke said...

this will have to go down as one of the best lists. i loved learning these things about you.
my kids are bathed and in their pj's almost every night at 5:00 pm so girl i am with you!

but my favorite on your list was the keys in the rings true to my heart and i am greatful to you putting that into words.

happy birthday

Jessica said...

so after reading jill's blog today, i realized that i should start commenting on all of the blogs that i read! and i LOVED your list. there were so many things that i was nodding my head along to as i was reading them. like:

* i'm always putting my kids shoes on the wrong feet
* we were in a really scary car roller in the snow just last april, and because of this i'm really freaked out about driving this winter with all the snow we've gotten
* i always wanted to major in something like literature but ended up doing elementary education. i still love to read though.
* and finally, i think my family thinks i'm the sleep nazi because i put my kids to bed so early! i'm a big believer in having alone time after taking care of them all day long!

anyway, this is way too long. but thanks again for posting your list and happy birthday!

ingrid said...

Your list is one of my favorites! You are a brave world traveler! What was it like being in Europe on the day Princess Di died? And I could NEVER imagine Jordan Mangum without fashion sense. You are a fashion phenomenon! And I am completely with you in getting the kids to bed early. And... I also despise paying for bad food, but I always did enjoy your fabulous culinary talents back in the New Orleans days. How I miss your tasty food!

Love, love, love the family picture. It must have been an incredible experience having most of your and Craig's family together for Hazel's baby blessing. You do have a VERY beautiful family.

ingrid said...

OK, one more thing... I just loved #82! My favorite of all!

Dana said...

I really enjoyed myself while reading this list!

A very Happy Birthday to you :)

rebecca said...

Besides photographs and your stars, the only piece of art we have hanging in our home is a piece by Brian Kershisnik.
I loved your 70's mother musings, (particulary 75, a time which I will always be grateful for) and hope to incorporate more of 71 into my world.
Loved, loved, loved your whole list, this glimpse into your world - such musings mixed with little details.

Amy S. said...

oh I'm glad I stumbled to your site today. Enjoyed your list immensely. You seem like a person I would love to know.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous List! Like Jill I feel the need to redue mine. I heart skips a beat when I hear the keys too, so great that you put it to words.

Have a great day!

Tasha said...

Love You Jordan! Happy Happy 29!
We MUST be together next year when you celebrate the big 3-Oh!

ShawnaB. said...

Jordan - I love you! This list was a treat! We have many similarites, I just WISH one of them was your Ireland adventure! The Irish accent is my favorite in all the world. You are amazing and talented and beautiful and wise. I have always admired you - especially when you ran that Mardi Gras Marathon with minimal preparation and still finished strong and beat everyone you ran with! Impressive indeed.

And you are right, "Lady in Red" is creepy. So very, very creepy. Especially with that ridiculous whisper at the end ...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

ShawnaB. said...

"... I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance, looking for a little romance ..." AARG! That dang song is now stuck in my head! Be gone, "Lady in Red!" You haunt me!

Anonymous said...

For some reason I didn't know you updated your blog. I guess I should have hit the "refresh" button. Happy Birthday. I hope my card made it to you on time. I love your list. I do that with my cheese to. Glad I am not the only one. :)

Anonymous said...

And I forgot to add your family picture is so beautiful. You all look amazing!! :)

jenny Dahl said...

I think this is my favorite list of 100 that I've had the pleasure of reading and the list I learned the most about someone. Such a great glimpse into your world. Thanks for sharing.