Friday, January 05, 2007

Clark Family Rules

If you're called on to do something, do it.
Learn to eat almost anything that's put before you.
Always sing, even if you can't.
Don't sit on the back row.
Raise your hand high if you're going to vote.
Pay your own way or stay home.
Always wear a shirt at the dinner table.
Open doors for others, even your sisters.
Respect those who are older than you.
If you can't say something good, don't open your mouth.
Live so you can look people straight in the eyes.
Be thankful for your troubles.
Make good things happen.
Grandpa Clark


Anonymous said...

This made me think of the things my grandparents and parents taught while I was growing up. That is great you could remember so many. Those are some good ones!
Glad you can leave comments again!

Tasha said...

Dave's dad always says "If you can't sing good, sing LOUD!" and so he does!
That is a great photo!

michelle said...

Great rules! I love the photo, too. You're a lucky girl to have had an influence like that in your life.

pam said...

I like and Clark Family Rules. Those are the same priciples I was raised with. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good post. It made me think of my grandparents. My father must of been taught the same thing about singing, because he can't sing and he sings really loud.

Jill said...

Am I the only one who never got any words of wisdom from my grandparents? I'm feeling kind of rooked.

This is a great list.

Anonymous said...

So many great rules. Ummm maybe I should post that one on my fridge.

rebecca said...

Oh - I would hang that on my wall! I love the "live so you can look people straight in the eye."

amy w. said...

Granpa Clark sounds like a practical and wise man. What a gift you have such a record of him.

Jenny Dahl said...

I think I could use Grandpa Clark to teach a thing or two at my house. What a great compilation of rules to live by! It's always a treat to read your blog Jordan. I've been reading it all year so this comment is well overdue.

ShawnaB. said...

Jordan! I LOVE this! What a great post. All the "rules" are words to live by - I got out my pen and started jotting them down. They are hereby known to me and my house as Jordan's rules!

Jordan said...

Jenny D! So glad to "hear" your voice. Hopefully the first of many more visits!