Sunday, January 14, 2007

A brother, a cold, and chamomille

I'm sitting drinking some hot tea, well it's warm now. The kids are playing with their new "Lite Brites" I bought 50% off and Hazel's sleep swinging. She usually pops out her pacifier like a turkey in the oven when she is good and asleep, the other day it popped up and landed on her face balancing as she slept in the swing.

It is Sunday, we are ALL sick, except Craig who went to work. So we are staying in. Plus it was 59 degrees inside the house when I woke up this morning. Seth came shivering into the room complaining of the cold. On went the heat! On went the teapot! On went the soft fuzzy christmas socks! We are ready for a sick day in. I'm almost relieved we're sick today. I haven't braved a Sunday alone (without craig) since Hazel was born. Can I do it?

Today is my brother Jacob's birthday. We only have a day between our respective big days so...well, I don't know, I feel like we have a special bond in that way. We always trade birthday wishes and once we even traded $20 bills as gifts to eachother! He is on the left of Seth at Stan's on 9th east in Provo--if you haven't gone, go--and get a fresh lime with your burger and fries.

I just went in to check on the kids and Lucy had pulled my Martha Stewart Baking cookbook off the shelf and was studying the "how-to" pictures for the perfect pie crust. She IS her mother's daughter. Now they are watching home videos of themselves--per Seth's request. Hazel's still swinging. There are two or three sips of chamomille tea left, but they are cold. They'll go unsipped.

So, back to Jacob. He is guileless: innocent and without deception. Have you ever known someone that, no matter what they do, you can't get mad at them? That is Jake. He was recently married 6 months ago to a wonderful woman. She is everything he never knew he needed. Kudos to you, Jacob, for choosing Megan! Marriage is marriage and there'll be sticky times ahead, perhaps even tomorrow, but sticking it out and making it good is the most "worth it" thing you'll ever do. You are wise, brother, and so very kind. Thank you for being those things to me and for being my birthday buddy. I love you!

One more thing. Have you seen the 20Q games?
I bought one for myself for my birthday on a whim. It is AMAZING! I am amazed that it actually knows what I am thinking. I thought of a pacifier, a disposable diaper, cooking oil, a mirror, it knows, somehow this little plastic ball knows.


Anonymous said...

So sorry your sick. The tea kettle is the first thing that goes on over here as well.
Hope you all feel better soon.

Jill said...

I'm glad you and the kids can have a cozy day at home (I don't suppose you have much need for cozy in AZ most of the time eh?).

I think baby swings are the best invention ever! My kids used to sleep so great in those, and I was giddy every time. (I love the photo with the binkie stuck to her head.)

I love going to Stan's in Provo, but haven't been there for years. Randy and I lived on 9th East for the first 6 years of our marriage so we could walk there from our apartment.

Your brother sounds like an amazing guy (it seems to run in the family). Happy Birthday to Jacob!

michelle said...

Sorry about the sickness, but sometimes a day home from church and staying in jammies is just what the doctor ordered. I was kind of hoping for that today, in fact, but nobody's sick...

My boys never stayed in the swing for long, but it was a blessing from heaven for Eva! You gotta love that photo with the binkie on her face.

Never been to Stan's, I guess I should check it out if it has your endorsement. Max has a 20Q and we are always trying to stump it. We've managed a few times, but it usually wins.

Allison M. said...

I have the same picture of Hannah with the Binkie stuck to her forehead.

Hope you all get feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. I am wearing my red fuzzy christmas socks today too.

I only went to sacrament today because I was feeling womanly crappy. If you know what I mean. Thank goodness for ibuprofen.

Happy Birthday to your brother. He does sound like an amazing guy.

Tasha said...

That 20 questions game is AMAZING. So fun.

I hope you all get better soon. We are re-coming down with the colds we all just got rid of. I say enough is enough!
P.S. I would be totally nervous about church with all 3 alone too!

Kelly said...

Chamomile is my favorite thing when sick! I hope you all are feeling better soon. I feel the same way about my brother, and so that was sweet to read.

My aunt brought over a 20 questions game for my girls to play with last summer when we were visiting my parents. It was amazing! I seriously don't know how someone invented that. My kids were obsessed!

ingrid said...

There are quite a few resident's wives in our ward and stake with three young children like you and myself, and it has been nice to see some of the Young Women offer to come and sit with these families during Sacrament when husbands are off at the hospital working. Perhaps there is a nice young woman in your ward that would do so or a sister that would just love some toddler companionship?

Fortunately, I have two sister-in-laws in our ward that have been VERY helpful during my "hour of need" but it gets better Jordan! Some Sundays are better than others and your family will find their Sunday groove.

I am SO sorry that you are sick, but it sounds like you had a very relaxing day at home with the kiddos. Here's to great health soon!

ShawnaB. said...

"Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well!" Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine sang this little ditty? IF not, uhhh, still get well!

Tackling church solo with the THREE is tricky. I have yet to come off conquerer. But we go and somehow I have to believe that it's making a difference! I bet it was nice to relax a bit today (if you got to, that is!)

Sending you lots of good, healthy vibes!

ShawnaB. said...

Oh how I want one of those 20Q games! I'm sure it would be a hit around here.

Amy said...

I'm coming out of lurkdom to say that the 20Q game is the most amazing thing! I keep mine in the car so my husband and I can play it when we're driving together. So far the best way to stump it is to think of weather phenomena like avalanche or thunderstorm. It has a hard time with some (not all) non-concrete objects.

Jordan said...

Amy, welcome from lurkdom. My 20Q got lightening bolt!!

rebecca said...

That was a sweet Jacob post.
I love 20q.
I love Stan's.
I am impressed that you will someday conquer church with 3 babies and no Craig. It may start out as just the last 2 hours, but you will work your way up!

rebecca said...

Are you feeling better yet?