Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Merry Mellow Christmas

The tree is decorated. My posting has gone from every few days to maybe once a week, but I continue to peruse and be inspired by the blogs of many dear friends. I'm in awe of your busy holiday schedules and the cards and mail you manage to send out. I have chosen to let MUCH slide this year. Much that I would love to do, but have neither the energy or time. It is amazing how dramatically one little life can change your own. Craig is taking the last part of the beastly boards test today. I wasn't about to let yet another beautiful Phoenix winter day go by cooped up in a house that isn't even clean. So we loaded up a sack of picnic goods and headed to the train park. The kids were grateful for the break and Hazel and I enjoyed the sunshine.

The cute blanket that keeps appearing in pictures with Hazel is from my "oh-so-stylish" dear dear friend in Nashville--Sara B. All my kids yawned crooked like this when they were little--I love it.

Lucy has a love/hate relationship with birds and dogs. She loves them but they scare the snot out of her if they invade her personal space. This is a picture of her as a black crow approaches, probably eyeing her fruit leather.
Inspired by my brilliant friend (I really mean that, she's a genius) Rebecca S., we did the snickerdoodle thing yesterday. As Seth stirred the dough he noticed an image of a horse on the side of the bowl--can you spot it?

First of all, this Santa is so photogenic, don't you think? We found him (on a friend's recommendation) at a home down the street covered in lights and all sorts of holiday cheer (the house, not SAnta), including hot cocoa and sugar cookies. We were light-seeing in pajamas and decided now was as good as anytime to get the token sitting-on-santa's-lap photo. I thought it turned out spectacular. I LOVE Lucy's face.

We love curling up on the couch to bask in the Christmas-tree-glow. So, we are enjoying the holidays, just in a mellow, spontaneous sort of fashion. It's a merry Christmas at our house regardless. We'll be opening gifts on the morning of the 18th (since Craig has that day off and we are driving up to Utey on the 23rd. Keep up all the jolly-making!!


Shawna B. said...

Your mellow Christmas sounds wonderful! Love the pictures of the kids AND the horse in the cookie bowl! Enjoy this wonderful time of year, Hazel's first holiday season, and one your children will remember because you are taking the time to do the little things that make it so much fun.

Merry Mellow Christmas, Mangums!

Jenny said...

I love that you are taking it easy. It makes me want to slow down and enjoy the "smells, tastes, and lights" of this time of year.

That blanket is WAY cute. Did she make it? I am in awe that your young kiddos will sit on Santa. Luke & Weston don't want any part of him.

Merry Christmas! p.s. where is Utey?

Jill said...

I'm glad you're taking it easy and not making yourself crazy by trying to do all the holiday hoopla stuff while adjusting to having a new baby. I think we could all use a little more mellow in our Christmas season.

Your kids are so cute it hurts. The pictures are all wonderful, and yes I spotted the horse image in the bowl of dough.

How long are you guys going to be in Utah?

Jordan said...

Jenny, yes, Sara B. made the blanket and monogrammed it with Hazel's name. It is so cute and soft! Also, Utey, is our pet name for Utah, sorry for the confusion!!

Jordan said...

Jill, I will email you...I had a professional question.

Tasha said...

You look fantastic, Hazel is beautiful, and I love the Santa pic.
I love your less is more attitude, we are doing the same thing this year! When I was growing up, my mom and a friend would take turns, we'd all go over to their house, they'd send us outside, set a timer and clean fast and furoious for a set amount of time, then load us up and go to the other house. So much more fun than doing it yourself! If we were in the same city, I'd come chat with you in exchange for a clean bathroom for sure!

rebecca said...

Jordan - I can't belive that he pointed the horse out to you - what an eye.
I just emailed you about a UT question...
If you truly have a mellow Christmas, it will indeed be merry. I hope you enjoy!

ingrid said...

A mellow Christmas certainly does sound wonderful with all the excitement and things to do around the holidays. I do hope that your Christmas season remains mellow and that you enjoy some special time with your family in Utey.

I too am SO impressed with Seth finding that horse in the mixing bowl. A gifted little boy you have there...What an eye!

I too hope to have a mellow Christmas!

TX Girl said...

I'm so glad you posted. It looks like y'all are adjusting to the newest addition to the family. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. How long will you be in Utah?

amy w. said...

Great post, love the pics! I think you have a good attitude about Christmas. Because our lives are constantly changing, I think the way we celebrate changes too. One is never going to be like the other. Its a good reminder to me to just go with the flow and enjoy the moment!