Friday, November 17, 2006

Hazel's Admirers=My Morale Boost

What a ride!! I can honestly say I was at the end of my rope at 6am this morning after being up with Hazel for nearly 5 hours. She finally fell asleep and I was able to catch a few hours of "rest". We had her two week check up (and S and L's flu shots) yesterday and my ped was worried she was not yet back up to her birth weight and was only having one bowel movement a day--if that. I had felt a change during feedings lately. She was fidgety and then unsatisfied after she "finished". My doctor suggested either supplementing or giving the exclusive breastfeeding another week and coming back in to check her weight again. We are going back after Thanksgiving. I know my body well enough to know that supplementing will mean farewell nursing for good. Today has been a tad better. I am feeding her at the breast and then pumping to empty them. I hope it works out. I'm not sure why, but it would be borderline devastating to me to not be able to continue nursing. I really want to for so many reasons. It has been a trying few weeks and I am so tired. Have you had a similar struggles with breastfeeding?

Anyway, we have received little gifts in the mail for sweet Hazel and besides the generosity of the packages, the thought that you thought of us at this time is a huge boost for me. Thank you so much. Rebecca S. sent these oh-so-hip onesies that she creatively embellished with super cool fabrics. She also sent me carefully pressed leaves from the land where autumn occurs! Thank you Rebecca and fam.

Amy W. sent the darlingest burp cloths ever!! little booties for the woman of the hour and some dark chocolate with tangy raspberry pieces in it, which I could not even wait until after my "good mail" still life photo to tear into. I LOVE dark chocolate. Thank you Amy for sending sweetness and support my way!!

When it comes down to it all I need are happy healthy children and Craig! Anything extra is a bonus. I should count my blessings--maybe I'll do that tonight as Hazel and I make tracks in the living room rug tonight in the wee hours.


Jill said...

What great gifts! How did Rebecca come up with such genius onesies? I wanted to send you fall colors too, but waited too long and now everything is shriveled and brown.

Those burp clothes from Amy W. are great too, as is the whole package, but more creative fabrics. I love it.

I wish you well with the nursing, the sleeping, and the whole package right now. Good luck my friend!

michelle said...

Oh my gosh, those onesies are the cutest thing I've ever seen!

I have had problems with nursing, and it's the worst! I would have been devastated to have to quit, too. Are you in contact with a lactation consultant? They worked wonders with me.

Here's some things you can try: take fenugreek supplements to increase your supply if that's an issue, try nursing on only one side per feeding -- sometimes if you switch sides the baby doesn't get enough hindmilk, which is richer in fat and calories and helps them to stay full longer (and gain more weight!), and you're already pumping, I was going to suggest that.

Good luck Jordan! Newborns are wonderful, but they sure are tiring too.

Jenny said...

I have something for you too--so your good mail will have to be hand delivered.

I struggled with breast feeding I think with all the kids. I felt guilty doing anything but and would have been devastated to stopping too. I was determined and kept doing it maybe thats why I have nothing left from it hee hee (full c to now less than an a) How sad is that?

Good luck I hope it works out and can't wait to hold the babe!

Tasha said...

A friend of mine was having similar issues and suggested taking a nursing vacation, spending as much time as you can over the weekend in bed and nursing, drinking lots of water and just seriously nursing, as much as you can. A tall order with two other kiddies, but can you all snuggle in and watch some shows. Get off your feet, eat some good food, let your body make milk.

I felt the same way about nursing, it was the hardest thing I have ever done, I still can't believe I did it for a whole year.

Also, if you do need to supplement her, can you pump when she takes the bottle. It will still cue your body to make the milk, and she will be satisfied. Or, there is such a thing as a supplemental nursing system, the baby will nurse, but a little tube will be in her mouth as well and she can intake some formula at the same time. It still signals your body to make milk, while giving her the calories she needs.

Call me if you need to talk or have questions. Mostly, no guilt if it doesn't work out. Formula isn't crack, but we (I) had such feelings about it. Mostly I needed Evie to gain weight, have you seen her lately? She is seriously HUGE!

Love you J!

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about you. I also had the low milk supply problem. My kids were always slow to gain but they did eventually. I did what Tasha said just nursed a lot. Way more often then usual and with the high liquids. I would just keep pitchers of juice and water by the bed. Good luck and I hope you get more rest. Surprise, surprise, I am in love with dark choclate also.:)re

rebecca said...

(email me if you want a script recommend a la Jeremy- Craig probably knows about it, can help to increase milk supply, not commonly used.)
The sleep depravation - Oh, mother. I feel for you, and the adjustment that your body is forced to endure at the moment makes every moment more tender. I have been thinking of you so much recently, sweet Jordan, mangums. I can understand your worry with the nursing, the need to want it to last, as difficult as it may be. Of course all is well if it doesn't last, yet you WANT it to, want it all to be perfect for those babies. Want them to sleep. Want them to poop. Want them to eat. Want YOU to sleep. Keep up the good fight. We are all rooting for you and yours! Much love!!!!

Jordan said...

Thank you thank you. Really--what did we do before the wonderful support we get from friends via blogging? I think you either live by family and your best friend is your next door neighbor or you have a blog. I feel blessed to have such friends.

Rebecca, what is the name of the medication?

Tasha, a nursing vacation sounds perfect!! But like you said, perhaps not feasible, maybe this weekend Craig can keep the kids busy while I nurse away!

Laurie said...

Hi Jordan,

I came by your blog from Jill's today, and thought I'd make a comment about nursing since I've really been through the wringer with nursing too. It's the hardest thing I've ever done in a lot of ways (some people might think that's crazy), but I've had some success and I find that lots of suggestions from friends have helped me pull through it.

The suggestions to drink lots are good, as is the idea to get some protein in you for the milk production - a hamburger patty, etc. Making sure you eat well really does boost your milk's richness and supply, I think. I figure it certainly can't hurt to have her drinking meat patties for weight gain. ;-)

I also have friends who swear by the phenagreek (sp?) for increased milk production.

Lactation nurses have suggested the nursing on one side at a time to provide the hinkmilk, but I did find that for me it caused me to have too long of stretches in between feeding with each breast in the beginning and resulted in a breast infection. So if you try it, do it cautiously, nursing often. Otherwise, I'd say just work on getting a good feeding on each side if you can.

Hang in there!!!!

Shawna B. said...

Oh Jordan - I just want to fix all this for you. I want to run over and wave a wand and take it away. Hazel will sleep beautifully and nurse like a champ, and of course gain tons of weight. S and L will be quiet at all the right times, charming at all the rest, helpful to a fault, and experts and laundry and dishes, causing moms everywhere to wonder how in the world such yound children can be so good at housecleaning! Oh! And Craig will have endless vacation days and a huge stash of money with which to buy you fancy gifts. Sound good? O.k., I just need to get my hands on a magic wand and I'll be right over!

Nursing was such a nightmare with my Owen. With H and C, no problem. Then number 3 comes along and it's like I've never done it before. It was truly a trying time. So much frustration and sleep deprivation. Despite all the eating challenges (mostly that the lad simply could not latch on correctly and I had several breast infections), O never did have a problem gaining weight. He has been huge from day one. Here's hoping little Hazel will soon be tipping the scales at a more hefty weight. Jordan, it's just so hard sometimes. I wish I had great advice, but I don't (the other gals took care of that), just lots of love for you and your sweet family. I'm up so late tonight and am thinking of you making tracks in your floor. Sending you much love from Virginia.

ingrid said...

I too am sending love your way. I also wish I had great advice. My sister in law had a similar experience as you are having now, and she went to a lactation consultant that recommended she only nurse on one side per feeding (so the baby would get enough hindmilk - which like Michelle said "is richer in fat and calories and helps them to stay full longer") She was very determined and after just a few weeks of trying this method, her baby is now a champion nurser and a chunky little cutie. And as for me, I always felt that a glass of calcium rich orange juice and iron filled foods helped. Good luck, dear Jordan. The nights will get better soon.