Sunday, November 12, 2006

Beyond Bribery

Remember my post about my potty training woes? And mine and Craig's disagreement on the issue? Well, Craig has taken over. The reward for using the potty has gone from a dum-dum lollipop to DISNEYLAND!!! This has set Seth on a wild rampage. He cannot stop thinking about the prospect of going to Disneyland. Craig called it a love hate relationship as he kicked and dismantled the poor little potty, then reassembled and sat on it only to jump up moments later only to announce that he just wants to go to Disneyland. As I write he is walking down the hall bent over holding the potty to his little bum. I've tried the "wait it out and let the kid decide when he's ready speech" to no avail. Alas, the woes continue and the saga goes on.

Hazel had her first tub bath today. She loved it. I ventured out of the house with Seth and Lucy to Target. In my absence Christmas arrived in the stores. I love it. I know it is so horribly commercialized, but the snowflakes hanging from the ceilings, the rows and rows of holiday candy, the games and toys stacked to the roof, the plastic trees up and lit for sale, and Christmas music...oh the Christmas music, I just can't get enough. It all puts me in such a happy mood. We just pulled into Trader Joe's after our jaunt at Target for breast pads and panty liners (to stop all my leaks) and post-its for Craig, when I got the call to come home and feed the baby. It was nice to get out, but I am enjoying, more than I usually would, staying home with Hazel while Craig and the kids are in and out about their day.

Seth and Lucy seem extra challenging lately and it has caused Craig and I to question our ability to expand larger than 3 chillins'. It was around 4:30pm, I was sitting quietly propped up on my pillows in bed, Hazel nursing gently in my arms. In the kitchen there was all sorts of yelling and banging and...well, it was mayhem, Craig was trying at once to get dinner on and put out the fires that seemed to be springing up between S and L. What...I thought to I going to do when he is not home? Please, if you have the answer to this question, do inform.

I'm proud to announce the arrival of Hazel's first "good mail". Thank you, sweet Jill. Jill makes fabulous mixes and included for Hazel's listening pleasure a lullaby mix, we love it. Plus a darling outfit which already fits our big girl! Thank you, thank you for these gifts.

Lucy and the boys are at church now and Hazel is on the tail end of a nap, which means not much napping for me, but plenty of quiet for us both.


Elizabeth said...

I have heard it doesn't get any harder than three. I am scared to make the leap to three! Great photo, those kids are all adorable.

michelle said...

I keep hearing that after three it doesn't really matter how many kids you have because it doesn't get any harder, but I just don't know if I can believe it. I'm feeling totally maxed out by the three I have.

I detest that feeling of panic that sets in when the prospect of your husband going back to work looms... my advice is just to lower your expectations for yourself. If you can keep all the kids fed and out of harm's way, you're doing well!

Sara said...

I am all about the bribes my friend! Many a good bribes have worked wonders around here! I was just happy to hear that you (actually Craig) too had used the method. . . it made me feel much less guilty. Hazel is still BEAUTIFUL! How lucky are you!

ingrid said...

How about Disney WORLD? You would have a FREE place to stay... :)

Tell Craig that Mike was very excited for his call yesterday, but apologizes for all the excitement and craziness with the LSU game on! (His brother was in town, so between him and Mike I'm sure the neighbors were wondering what on Earth was so exciting over here in our house!)

Jenny said...

What everyone is saying is DEFINITELY true. Once you hit three you are out numbered no matter what. And honestly one or two more really won't make or break you. Plus you older ones would be older and more helpful. Don't get me wrong it is challenging. I have just come to realize that it's always just loud no matter what in my house with complete CHAOS.

I must add I was laughing a bit about Disneyland. Does he really mean he is going there? Well, I hope because it sounds like Seth is doing pretty well with that bribe--step aside dum dums!

Jill said...

I can't even imagine having 3 tiny kids in diapers at the same time! It's a good thing they're so cute. My only advice is to pray lots, try to rest whenever you can, and then set your daily expectations very low so that you don't get upset when things don't go as planned, oh and takes lots of pictures! Good luck cute mom!

rebecca said...

I always enjoy hearing the theory that it never gets harder than 3. Makes me giggle, so much meaning loaded into the phrase.
I am with you - the coming of the Christmas season thrills inexplicably. I am glad you got a taste yesterday!
The advice of low daily expectations is superb. Like if you accomplish more than 3 meals for the toddlers, you exceed your minimal requirements. Got them dressed? Hurray! Just a bonus.
The rhythm is altered, albeit temporarily. I feel lucky to get to watch your progress, your growth.

amy w. said...

Okay Jordan, not a good time to make any big decisions regarding family or family size :) (Although I am feeling maxed with my three)

Potty training, my least favorite subject. But in the end, your "when their ready" slant always prevails!

Hang on my friend!

shawna B. said...

So many reasons why I love this post! The image of Seth holding his little potty to his bum is a hoot! Oh Jordan! My friend! You have 3 kids in diapers - that elevates you to sainthood! If Disneyland doens't get him to "go", I do not know what will! Maybe I should throw that idea out to Owen. I love hearing about beautiful Hazel, about your adjustment to 3, about life at home now with the Mangums. "Putting out fires" -oh, I can relate! If only I could run over and clean for you ... if only I could keep my own house clean! ... Anyway, I'd come in a heartbeat if I could.

What a nice surprise from Jill! A lullabye mix is a great idea!

Love the Christmas in the stores, too! "A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight ...." Christmas music is the best!

Claudissima said...

oh wow! that little cute outfit is SOOO DARLING! seems like it is hard...I am with elizabeth don't know if I would dare to go for three just yet!