Sunday, October 08, 2006

There and Back Again

Craig wowed us all yesterday morning as he crossed the finish line! We were glad to see he was still whole and smiling. I always get emotional at the finish line of marathons--running or not. Such a feat! And St. George puts on a great race. Seth and Lucy cheered Daddy on and he brought them ice cream from the post race tent! Craig and I have made plans to enter for next year--anyone in--anyone want to watch our kids?

Another highlight of the trip was the drive through Zion's national park--worth every penny of the $20 fee to wind through breathtaking scenery. It had just rained and so everything was even more saturated with color than usual. We drove with the windows down and the heater on, what a magical place. If I weren't 9 months pregnant, we would have summited Angel's Landing.

It was a longer trip than any of us cared to be in the car for. Thank goodness for winner rest stops! One of our favorites is the Glen Canyon Dam--complete with grass, a stroll over the bridge, a view of the Dam, a live endangered fish display, and clean bathrooms (and no hostess crumb donuts to tempt me).

We topped our St. George experience off with a trip to Larsen's Frostop for burgers and onion rings with fry sauce. It was a great trip despite the driving to out-of-the-car ratio. It was a bonus to have Craig's brother Brent (aka Uncle Tom) along. Sorry for the cramped camry situation, Brent, hopefully next time we will have upgraded to a car we can actually fit into.


Elizabeth said...

I love Zions also. I have fond memories visiting as a kid because my Grandma lived in St. George. Last Christmas all 9 siblings and my parents spent Christmas at a hotel there. Sounds like a you had a fun trip.

rebecca s. said...

I can't believe you took the kids! It will be a great memory for them! Jer's fave place on earth, Southern Utah. I think he dreams in red.
Hurray Craig! What a feat!

Shawna B. said...

Way to go, Craig! Good show! Jordan, remember when Big TIg ran the Blue Angel Half-marathon with you gals (well, not exactly WITH you gals, but you know what I mean)? I cried too when he crossed the finish line! In fact, I cried when ALL of you crossed the finish line! And it wasn't just because I was pregnant! I'm sure Craig loved having you all there to cheer him on - it makes such a big difference. I just wonder how in the world he had time to train for the race. Amazing! If possible, I'd love to run it next year with ya'll!

I can't tell you how many times I've been to Glen Canyon Dam! Such fun kid memories. I've sat through the movie there several times ... we always stopped there on our way to Arizona each summer from Utah. I loved watching the water and crossing the bridge and knowing that we were getting closer to our destination. So glad you had such a great trip! Welcome home!

ingrid said...

What an exciting trip! Hurray for Craig and hurray for Uncle Tom coming along to spend some "uncle" time with your children. I love the beauty of southern Utah as well.

I'm not a marathon runner, (maybe one day I will!!!) but I would love to help out with your kids if I'm in Utah at this time next year! :)

Jenny said...

How exciting and congrats to Craig. What an amazing accomplishment. I too thought you were leaving the kiddos behind. I bet that it was a sweet experience seeing his family cheering him on at the end!

I too am not a marathon runner, but may would do a LONG walk which I would prefer. The longest race I did was the Mesa Turkey Trot last year. I ran the whole way, but man it kicked my butt!

Jordan said...

Yes, we decided the kids would enjoy the change of scenery and they are great travelers, plus we had a friend's condo to stay in so that part was easy.

Shawna, I'm glad your in for next year.

Ingrid, you are too sweet, I was kidding about the kids--but we should try to meet up sometime when we are both in Utah!

Jill said...

Wow, congratulations to Craig! I'm impressed that you want to do that next year along side him.

I always get emotional at races whether it's a 10k or a marathon, it's all a huge effort and I'm always inspired by the people who actually get out there and do it (I used to run races in high school).

Zions looks beautiful. It's retarded that I've lived in Utah for 15 years and have never been there.

Sara said...

Jordan -
Count me in! i registered to run it this year but didn't make it into the lottery! We would love to meet you there and run together! Way to go Craig, Glad you all had a great trip. . .looks like it was a blast!

michelle said...

Wow, congratulations to Craig! I am so impressed by marathoners. Definitely an emotional thing. Your photo of zions is making me want to go there even more. It's so dumb that we've never been...