Thursday, October 26, 2006

On the Eve of D-Day

One of many picnics lately

I overheard a woman commenting on my double stroller filled up with two kiddies and she added (not realizing she was within earshot), "and she's about to have another one!!!" I guess I must be quite the site wandering the halls of the mall with a belly hanging practically between my knees and pushing the diapered duo around...I don't care.

I woke up in tears this morning (rare, it usually waits until after breakfast). I hadn't even gotten out of bed, in fact I was resisting it very much--getting out of bed, that is. But, (and I'll once again blame it on the 'mones--aka hormones) I just felt a wave of overwhelmedness (okay not really a word) as what was about to enter our lives. Seth was needing breakfast, Lucy was needing help out of her crib, Craig was tired (just getting over a bout with the Rota virus), and I just needed to stay there under the sheets. Do you ever feel overrun? I mean, like your life is being run by everyone but the person living it?

I let some of the kid duty slip into Craig's lap the first part of the day and took some time to "regroup" my senses and let my sensibilities gain composure--the perfect job for a Target run. In actuality, I have enjoyed these last days of pregnancy. I thought by now I would have had the baby so all my ducks are already in a row and standing at attention. I have enjoyed the "free" time on my hands and still having free hands!! Since both will soon be snatched away come labor time.
Hopefully, my next post will be pictures and reports of a newborn.


Jenny said...

Jordan you seriously look so great! Are you going in tomorrow? Can't wait to see the new babe! Keep us all posted (or maybe Craig can).

Hey, and my life is overrun EVERY day. Even though I am tired, dragging, out numbered... I don't know anything better or different. And wouldn't change a thing either.

And by the way you don't even look full term. I think I was your size at 4 months!

Elizabeth said...

You do look great for being at your due date. Amazing. I feel overwhelmed often. I think it comes with the territory of being a mom. Just don't be afraid to ask for help in the early days. Hope the baby comes soon!

rebecca s. said...

Jordan! Ah, the overwhelmedness. Sometimes it seems like a daily battle - getting out of the sheets, that is. Usually to the calls of others - so much neediness in our little worlds right now. I am excited for you - the truest joy seems to come from the hardest-fought battles. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these days of transition - we learn so much from others' experiences.
I am sure you WERE a sight in the mall - a beautiful, capable, creative woman with a legacy before and behind her. I wish I had been there to help you push the stroller - or at least share a beignet!

Jordan said...

Rebecca, I WISH our mall had beignets--and YOU for company!!

Jenny, no, I'm not going in tomorrow unless things happen on their own. I am hoping I don't go too far past my due date---I'd like not to be induced..

ingrid said...

I must agree - you look FABULOUS! I oftentimes think why we have some days of "overwhelmedness" (love the word!) and I truly believe that "after much tribulation come the blessings." Motherhood is not exactly tribulation, but it does have its challenges and rewarding moments. It IS a blessing indeed to see our little ones happily growing up and finding their place in the world. We do have those days, though, that test us, define who we are, and create our character. You, my friend, are an inspiration to all the ladies in your life of one with incredible character and grace. Here's sending LOTS of love your way!

michelle said...

You are a brave woman indeed to have 3 children so close together. I always wanted my children to be close in age, but I guess things happen for a reason. I probably wouldn't have been able to handle it, but I think it's so wonderful for the children to be close in age.

You do look fabulous, not at all ready to deliver! I hope you manage to have the baby soon, and that you don't have to be induced. I only did that once, and it was by far the best delivery for me. I'll be thinking of you!

amy w. said...

Jordan, you ARE at a new threshoold--but it is nothing you can't handle. You are an amazing mom and woman. Good for you for admitting everday is not roses--then it gives us a chance to give you a lift and let you know you are not alone!

Thinking of you these last few days!

Shawna B. said...

Sweet Jordan! I love you! Reading your post made me want to run right over! Oh, I wish I could. You put into words so well how we have ALL felt at one time or another. Overwhelmedness (definitely a word!) brings me to tears almost every single time! So glad you could regroup with a Target trip. Pulling it all together can be so very hard ... good for you that you were able to do something to help yourself feel better. I'm gald Craig was home to help,too.

And yes, you DO look beautiful, Jordan. Everyone should be so lucky to look so radiant at nine months! I love what Rebecca said - you are a "beautiful, capable, creative woman with a legacy before and behind" you. Too bad the woman in the mall didn't recognize that. If she had, she would have run over to you, given you a big smile and even a hug, and thanked you for "having another one" because Mangum children and just the kind the world needs more of. Cannot wait to meet number 3. I think today's the day!!!

Kristi Brooke said...

what a beautiful photo

can't wait to hear about the baby

Tasha said...

I have a friend with triplets, people are constantly saying to her "Well, you've got YOUR hands full." In a not-so nice tone. She has taken to responding, with a smile on her face "Oh, if you think my hands are full, you should see how full my heart is!" They don't know what to make of that at all!

You are the best, you know I think the world of you! I'm around all weekend, if you are up for a chat!

Jill said...

You are such a cute pregnant person that I forget that it's still challenging to be pregnant, as if that trial only plagued those of us who look like waddling potatoes at 4 months.

As for the state of overwhelmedness (which definitely should be a word) we all feel it sometimes, but surely having to wake up to the diaper duo (though very cute) and knowing another baby is coming is enough to make some extra time in the cozy necessary...and Target Time is a comfort on any day.

I can't wait to see baby photos, good luck!