Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Craig and Seth did a few crafts, Lucy "colored" in her highchair and I put photos in the albums (see couch). This is how conference last weekend went for us. It was a continuous back and forth with the kids with a few glimpses of the speakers.

This weekend is THE RACE. Craig and I and perhaps the kids with drive up to St. George to watch him run the Marathon. A friend has offered to watch our kids for this overnighter, which is way too nice and I think we might just take them up on it. A little pre-baby honeymoon for Craig and I--with his brother Brent!! Brent decided to fly clear out west to visit and join us at the race--so nice to have family come, especially from LA, a rare treat for us.

The room is painted!! Now to assemble it back together...check back for photos.

My latest find is these Stonyfield Yogurt tubes. What is nice about these is they are all-natural, meaning no evil high-fructose corn syrup! I am obsessed with that ingredient--it is so bad for you, I know I'm looney. Anyway, I freeze them and the kids think they're eating popsicles when in actuality they are enjoying a healthful snack! (See pictured on right above).

Last, but not least, Craig's last "day" of nights was yesterday. There is a tangible difference in the household and the grumpiness level all around has diminished significantly. Hooray for a return to "normalcy"--as normal as residency life goes, right?

Craig with the kids on the mountain behind our house--a little between-session hike.


Allison M. said...

Where did you find the yogurt? my kids love the yogurts, and I would love to have them eating something natural.

Cute picture of the kids and Craig.

Tell him good luck in the race!

ingrid said...

I love those albums! I have some that can fit 6 on a page, just like yours, but I like the look of those! Please pass along the name of the album if you get a chance...

It sounds like you have been a busy little bee...and in your due date month! Keep us posted on the newest Mangum. We can't wait!

And tell Craig, best of luck with the race. All you marathon runners amaze me! One day...

Jordan said...

Allison, I actually found them at Trader Joes, but in Utah I bet they would have them at a Wild Oats or Good Earth, or any natural foods store. I'm sad they don't have a Whole Foods out there, so is my mom!

Ingrid, they are KOLO albums and very nice. They are made of paper and cloth, no plastic sheets, so they look really nice and the front of the album has a slot for a photo. Check out their website and you can find a retailer. They had them in New Orleans, I'm sure they'll have them somewhere down in FL.

Shawna B. said...

I fell asleep really early tonight - I was chatting with Hayden on his bed - we'djust finished reading his library book about John Adams - and next thing I know, it's almost 4 a.m. Now I am wide awake and on the computer!

GOOD LUCK, CRAIG!!! I am going to run the St. George Marathon someday, I've heard it's a great race. We'll be thinking of him on Saturday. I am in the throws of training for Richmond and have had to do some long runs on my treadmill ... there's a part of me that thinks Craig is mighty lucky to be done with the training! Please let us know how it goes. Oh! if he's in the market for a little energy during the race, Jelly Belly makes these great Sport Beans (in orange and lime) that give you a boost and are not that horrible gel! I used them in Nashville and thought they were great. Don't know if they contain high fructose corn syrup. :)

Conference was the best, wasn't it? And to combine it with some projects and a between session hike makes it perfect! We tivoed it this year and loved having the kids be able to watch some it with us, and then have them in bed before we tuned into the Sunday afternoon session, shown at the Borgs at 8:30 p.m.! The Barkers were here with us, so that made Conference even better.

The yogurt looks yummy. We have a Whole Foods here, so I need to check them out! It's fun to find things that are good for you that taste good. I sound like a commercial!

Yep, I'm wide awake and am a long-winded chatterbox even at 4 a.m.

rebecca s. said...

Good Luck, Craig! Hope you guys have a GREAT trip!!!!
Can't wait to see the room...

Jenny said...

Hurray for a little normalicy!

I didn't know he was running in a race. Tell him good luck from us as well. By the way how the heck did he have time to train for such a thing?

michelle said...

I am in awe of marathon runners. Complete awe. Good luck to Craig! A pre-baby getaway sounds like a wonderful thing.

Frozen tubes of yogurt! How did I forget about that? It sounds like something Eva would love.