Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3 Centimeters

So, I am basically just filling up my days with as much as I can get done before this baby comes. We are otherwise ready for all ten fingers and ten toes and and any hair that may come (our first two were bald).

The basinet/pack 'n play is set up next to our bed (my side) complete with boppy and brand new white onesies. I've done most of our christmas shopping for the kids (over the past 3 or 4 months). I've stocked the freezer with easy frozen Trader Joe meals and the kids rooms with diapers and wipes. I even bought a huge bag of cranberries that I picked through, washed and froze--ready for the holidays (all I need now is a turkey and a tree, right?). I have a great recipe for cranberry sauce (more like a relish--it's uncooked)--see below.

Our Halloween decor thus far is pretty pathetic, but I'm working on it...Seth and Lucy made some great Halloween decorations for the refrigerator with the help of their dad.

Unfortunately, we have been struck with hand, mouth, foot disease (a preschool culprit most likely) and have been self-quarantined. Hopefully this week will see the end of the symptoms and we'll be all clear before baby.

Cranberry relish recipe: 3 oranges, 1 cup (or more to taste) fresh cranberries, 4-5 Tablespoons of sugar. Zest one orange, then remove peel and pith of oranges. Place whole oranges, zest, and sugar in food processor and process until chunky. Let sit one hour before eating out on the porch swing by the spoonful.


Elizabeth said...

You are one prepared lady! I take it the nesting stage has set in. My daughter got hand foot mouth last week. She was not a happy camper. We are so glad that the rest of us didn't get it.

Sara said...

Thanks for the recipe! So sorry to hear about the sickness around your house! A friend here has a little girl who is currently suffering from that same virus and she is so miserable. the last think you want to be worrying about before the new babe comes. Hope is goes away very quickly for your little guy.

Jill said...

It sounds like you're all set. I'm so impressed with your preparations and your forward-looking ways (Christmas shopping for real?). Wow.

I'm sorry about the hand, foot and mouth disease, that's nasty and grim but hopefully will pass quickly. I'm excited for your baby to arrive and hope all goes smoothly. Is your mom coming to stay with the kids?

Jenny said...

You are definitely on top of it Miss Jordan. Your cranberries look beautiful. I was just thinking how great they would be for a wreath.

Sorry to hear about your nasty disease. I hate when kids bring home nasty stuff.

Way impressed you have done most of the x-mas shopping!

michelle said...

I love cranberry relish! Yours looks wonderful. I can't believe you are so prepared! New white onesies, even, freezer stocked. Yep, that baby should be coming any time now....