Saturday, September 02, 2006


I have nothing in particular and everything miscellaneous to post...

1. First of all, my newest niece has a name!! To see her and her name visit our "family" site at

2. Where's my pacifier? Seth has only asked this twice today (once at naptime--which ended up being playtime--the thing always helped him relax). But he has not thrown any fits or put up any fights. He rode the bike around the house today--mostly because I didn't want to hang out in 107 degree weather.

3. We got another $300 electric bill today. Yikes, these are really killing us financially, I'm dipping into our stock of canned goods that usually sit undisturbed on the shelves. Luckily summer is coming to an end (well, sort of).

4. It is raining and lightening right now...Seth calls it "nightling", I love that. Craig's working in the peds ER tonight and I'm eating fresh baked bread and butter and a can of V8 for dinner and catching the end of Mona Lisa Smiles on TV--and blogging, of course.

5. A quote from my reading: "Self-trust is not an endowment, but is the Second Birth of the mind, which cannot come without years of deep reading." What do you think of this quote? What is "self-trust"? And has anyone achieved it?

6. I just snapped a photo of my new hair. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't do it justice and my nose is unusually pointy (is it really like that?) Okay, so the blonde is pretty subtle, but I'm enjoying the change and notice--no mullet!


amy w. said...

I think you looke darling . . . the blond is becoming. I LOVED that quote. I feel, perhaps, that I have had labor pains of this second birth which it speaks of. I need to read deepl,y more often.

Jill said...

That's some mighty cute hair, I'm glad you took a picture but I sure would have liked to see your mullett.

That quote is a tough one. I'm not sure what self-trust means, but I'm thinking it may come with age and life experience. I feel like when I read now I have so much more personal history to draw from that I end up comparing my experiences to those in books, so sometimes I feel a great connection and other times disgust, but I feel like the more I read the more I know and I love to gather insights from authors.

ingrid said...

Love the do! Beautiful, as always!

TX Girl said...

As far as the quote- I am obviously in need of some deep reading. Life would be so much easier if it was an endowment, but much more boring. This amazing woman in our ward talked about how you cannot learn things completely from other people, but you have to be willing to read, investigate, explore and try to discover things on your own. She thought it was unfortunate that so many people want to take the easy road and have someone else teach them everything, without having to do at least some of the work. I thought it was fascinating. It really made me think about how I take the easy road more often than not and miss the opportunity to learn a lot about myself in the process. Kristi's blog about the sewing books she picked up at the library really reminded me of the concept. I have NEVER gone and tried to learn something by picking up multiple books.. I always expect someone else to teach me. (Sorry- this was my thought process as I read and pondered the quote.)

I love your hair.. It looks fabulous. You don't have a pointy nose. You have a great face!

Sorry to hear about the electricity bill. Painful.

Anonymous said...

I think you look GREAT! And whatever about your pointy nose.

I feel your pain about the heat. I dread getting my water bill next week. I am sure it will be close to $150 or more! YIKES.

And I have no idea about the quote. But I do love raining and nightling storms!


Jordan said...

I love your thought process, Lara, I agree and need to do some of my own "digging", too. I want to learn to play the guitar, oil paint, really quilt, plus be more familiar with US History, and art, etc. etc...I never thought about checking out a bunch of books on these subjects.

Sara said...

Love the hair, you look great in that lighter shade!

Shawna B. said...

Hey you pretty lady, great hair! Love the lighter shade! I just read your comment to the amazing Lara, who, by the way made such great points in her comment, and saw that you and both want to learn the same things! Play the guitar! Oil paint! Really quilt (I want to know how to do the fancy stuff!)! Learn more about US Hisotry! Art (I think I could have happily majored in Art History - I want to select an artist a month and teach my boys about him/her ...). So many, many interests. So much to learn!

Tasha said...

I am still coming down off of my "Second Honeymoon" relaxation, so I cannot even read the quote, lest formulate an opinion on it. Perhaps tomorrow...

What I can say is:
1) Azure! I love it! I used to love a song about a girl with that name, or a book? I have to find the reference, and if its a great likeness I will pass it along. What a beautiful baby! Truly beautiful! Not just in the way that all babies are, I mean in a "I could serioulsly babynap that baby and I think my body just started to re-lactate she is so gorgeous kind of way!" Is that too crazy? Azure, great name.
2) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair.
3) That picture of the binky is precious. Evie was a lazy sucker because she was so early. I offered and offered that binky. She never took it. Now she just drags around this enormous blanket. Ask anyone who has seen it (Shawna, Kristi, Lara, Mindy) Its crib size, trico, hand quilted by her grandma great and its totally haggared because she takes it almost everywhere. I am actaully hopeful that she will hang onto it until age 25ish because who wants to get into the back seat with that strange Evie Adams, you know, the girl with the ratty pink blanket?

rebecca s. said...

Years of deep reading sounds delicious. Would it bring me to self-trust? Like Jill, I don't know exactly what it means, but it sounds like it requires massive effort - trusting myself is something I still work on daily.

LOVE your hair! Wish I could see it in person!

OK - Jordan, I am SO glad to hear that Seth kept his binkie till now, and your method of removal was enlightened - bribery mixed with fairy-tale creature. May I borrow it when my son turns 3 in October????

Jordan said...

Tasha, I KNOW! I keep looking at her picture because she is so beautiful with those pink lips and almond eyes. Azure fits that kind of exotic prettiness. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

Rebecca, of course you can borrow my silly ploy to rid us of the pacifier. It is actually going well. Seth still asks every night where his pacifier is, but not in a way that is whiny--or that he needs it--I think he just wants to hear me tell him again about the fairy that traded it for his bike. He has had a hard time with naps, though he took one today without the apparatus.

michelle said...

Good job, Seth, on giving up the binkie! So hard to do without our comfort mechanisms...

Self-trust. Hmmmm. I don't know that I really have it yet, but I do have years of deep reading under my belt, so maybe it's on its way?

I have no idea what your hair looked like before, but it sure is cute now!