Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monday,...and Tuesday...

Is it true that only two days of the week have come and gone? It seems ages since I went to bed Sunday night. Well, here are the ingredients we used to fill up the first few days of the week.

1. The Zoo. We went with Seth and Lucy's second cousins from Mesa, Armando and Maya (and their mother). We went at 8:30 in the morning to avoid to much of people and perspiration. There were lots of babies to view, besides these two:

We also saw baby Orangutan and baby monkey (on his mother's back):

2. I have had a fruitful beginning to the week as far as good mail goes. Sweet Michelle, whom I have never met send some paper pleasantries--thank you for those--which were accompanied by the Halloween issue of MS Living. Martha always helps me ring in this holiday with her great ideas, and I've got to get started early since the baby is coming only days before October 31st.

Also, Tasha sent me a huge box full of hand-me-downs--though the term doesn't do justice to these darling duds, some of which looks hardly used! Thanks to you, I can't wait to dress up my little Lucy Fae in outfits formally strutted about in by Sophie W., Addie M., and Evie A.!! You are right, Tasha, they are petite ya-yas!

3. Seth and I (while Lucy didn't sleep and craig did) went to the public library to return some books and videos and check out some more. On our way home we shared some curly fries from Arby's. It was nice to hang out with my older, mature son...well, at least nice not to have to heave the double stroller out of the trunk--with the two of them, the only way the library is manageable is if they are strapped into something.

4. Had a doctor's appointment this morning while Lucy didn't sleep and craig didn't either--so I came home to a grumpy house, except for Seth who was unusually pleasant and refreshed after a morning of preschool. Anyhow, the baby's head is down, got a swab for strep B test, gained one pound in two weeks...amazingly uncomfortable, maternity clothes beginning to seem small, somehow, I still have as much housework to do and everyone still needs as much attention. Let the countdown begin!!!

5. Since the only communication my husband and I have these days is when he reads my blog...I love you baby, call me sometime and we'll hang out! You're still our hero, even though we're grumpy and don't nap (namely Lucy) and we're proud and amazed at the work you do, heaven's knows, I would not want to trade places--though my attitude my speak otherwise. I love you, hotcakes.


amy w. said...

Sounds like fun! Great stash of clothes--I recognize a few of those outfits! I LOVE it--petite ya-yas! So glad baby is ready to go. Let the countdown begin indeed!!!

rebecca s. said...

I love your date with Seth. I should take more advantage of alone time with my babies.
What great mail. Petite-ya-ya indeed!
Craig, Jeremy doesn't read my blog. I discovered this when a friend recounted a story from it that he had never heard. Since you read yours - we miss you! Come visit sometime! Hotcakes!

Allison M. said...

Sounds like a great day! Can I say that I love what Tasha did. I love the fact all of those cute clothes just keep getting passed around.
I am glad you are feeling like the you are perpared for the baby to come.

Jill said...

It looks like excellent mail if you got a huge box of hand-me-downs from Tasha, a cute package from Michelle AND the Halloween Martha Stewart Living.

The home stretch of pregnancy is definitely a challenge, and it would be awesome if you could have someone there to help with the housework and child care for the last few weeks. If I lived closer I'd be over there cleaning and tending so you could relax, read and nap.

Jordan said...

Oh Jill!! Come Come! A woman's work is truly never done.

Tasha said...

I can't believe it got there so fast! I am so glad! I wish, wish, wish I could have brought them there in person.

I love the CD! Thank you so much!

Jenny said...

And to think a while back you were so sad about not getting mail....remember the TERRIBLE electric bills and Playboy ads?

I am so glad you got some fun packages!! What an awesome package of clothes. Glad you had a fun day.

I am with you on the week though, it feels like sunday was AGES ago.

ingrid said...

What wonderful mail! What great taste those ladies have! Seth probably really enjoyed his one-on-one time with Mama. What a fun treat for him AND for you. Craig, Mike does not read my blog, but then again I don't have one...perhaps in the future! We miss you too!

TX Girl said...

It sounds like some great mail. I love MS and she always has ridiculously cute stuff in her October mag. How exciting to have all those fun new clothes for little Lucy. I also love the idea of petite ya-yas.

Glad the doctor visit went well. It sounds like you are ready to have the newest little Mangum in the outside world.

I love that you are using your blog as a form of communication with your hotcakes. Seriously cracking me up.

michelle said...

love love love the idea of petite ya-yas! What could be better than your children being connected to your friends' children?