Saturday, September 16, 2006

Art and Ice

Craig and I ventured over to downtown Mesa to the Mesa Arts Center to view an installation piece by an acquaintance of ours called Public Spaces. It was a series of photographs taken in the greater Phoenix area paired with sound recordings of everyday life. It was fun to do something a little different. Our camera's battery quit on us after this picture was taken otherwise I would have included a photo of the amazing building that housed the galleries. Afterwards we stopped for gelato at the Gelato Spot--I got Pineapple and Canteloupe and Craig, whose choice was a winning combo, ordered lemon and cherry. Scrumptious. Have you visited your local art center?


Dana said...

Springville has the Springville Art Museum and we have been to that one.

I need to go again though and take the kids. Last time I was there Aaron and I were dating...12 years ago...LOL!


ingrid said...

Our No.6 LSU Tigers sadly lost today to No. 3 Auburn, but we still have hope! GEAUX TIGERS! They fought a great battle!
We have extra tickets to the LSU/UF game on October 7th if you are interested, but I know you are due around that time... Traveling might be a no-no at that point.

Back to the subject at hand...My favorite mix - Art & Gelato! A winning combo indeed!!!! We have some fabulous art museums here in Gainesville at the University and locally, and we have found a really cozy gelato spot downtown with so much character. It truly brings me back to one of my favorite places - ITALY! The amazing art, the oh so yummy gelato, the genuine people, the fabulous clothing, the beautiful countryside,....oh, I could go on forever!!!! Let's plan a trip!2010???? (Mike can be our translator, which makes all the difference in the world... especially in Southern Italy!)

rebecca s. said...

Yum and Yum and Fun. We haven't visited Portland's fine galleries yet; you have inspired me to push it up on our our gigantic list of things to explore. (Yesterday we saw some wooden sea sculptures and ate clam chowder on the beach - as close as I have gotten to your evening experience of art + yummy treat.)

I am particularly fond of art galleries that are, themselves, pieces of art - a double treat for the senses. Great idea to end the evening with gelato.

Ingrid - can I come to Italy with you guys? Next Thursday?

ingrid said...

Thursday it is!

Jill said...

We've been to the UofU Art Museum, the BYU art museum, and the Springville Art Museum but none of those visits are very recent. That's another thing I always intend to do.

Jordan said...

I don't think I have anything pending Thursday, count me in, too! REally, it should happen someday, I don't think I was meant never to step foot on at least part of the mediterranean coast.

Jenny said...

I haven't ever visited our local arts center and am sad to say the 20 years I lived in Mesa I never did either. The closest I got was going to prom at the Mesa Ampitheatre.

Sounds like fun... and I must say you look fab girl! I would have died to look like that when I was prego.

Tasha said...

We do the Hburg Art Walk in the Spring, its like White Linen nights in NOLA (I forgot about that until right this minute, another thing I MISS!) where they open all the galleries and you can walk through. Sadly, Hershey isn't a hotbed for art... Though, I did see a fabulous impressionist piece last week by a new artist, Evelyn Adams, very "outside of the lines" kind of thing going. Oh, Thursday, my inlaws leave Wednesday, I need to go somewere, Italy, the bermuda Triangle, Mesa, you say where, I am honing in!

Kristi Brooke said...

ummm is it just me, but I thought you said you were pregnant. was this photo taken this year!
if you are preganant in this picture, girl you look amazing!