Monday, August 14, 2006

Venting about my vent!

Our air conditioner is malfunctioning. It froze up and is now leaking about 4 of those blue buckets full a day!! Before we caught it, it was under the wood floors and you could hear it slosh as you walked. We try not to run it during the day, but at night, well, who can sleep when it is 85 degrees in your house!? Anyway, they were supposed to come today to fix it but "two of the technicians had an emergency"--give me a break!! I HAVE AN EMERGENCY! Two toddlers and a pregnant lady with no AC!! (I actually told this to the poor girl on the phone). As you can see, Seth and Lucy are fascinated with the ventless ac duct and we've had to fish Lucy's shoes out of the bucket of water several times.

They've rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon, if they don't come I'm packin' up and moving in with the Adams in Hershey!!


Tasha said...

Hmmmmm, don't blame me if they don't come. I certainly will not call them and cancel just to get you to come stay here! (Oh wait, yes I would!)

That is terrible! In the winter here if its a heater think and you have a baby in the house they HAVE to come within 12 hours, I would think its the same thing with AZ in the heat of summer. Jordan, I am thinking your patience is being extra tried lately. I would have totally failed the test. Come on out to Hershey, chocolate is plentiful!

amy w. said...

That picture is rich Jordan. And poor you, I feel for you, my pregnant friend. Do whatever you have to do--beg, cry or threat, get that air conditioner fixed! Good luck!

Jordan said...

Don't tempt me dear Tasha, my pajama pants are sticking to my big fat bum right now from the perspiration!!

Sara said...

Oh Jordan. . . I feel for you! I do hope it is up and running really soon! Glad that it is keeping your kiddos entertained though.

Jill said...

What a sad state of affairs! I would be a monster without the air conditioning (I'm pretty much a beast all day when running errands because of the heat). That's too cruel to suffer like that when you have toddlers and are pregnant. Maybe you should stay in the pool all day and just float.

TX Girl said...

I cannot believe they didn't come. Seriously- that could be dangerous. Houses heat up soo fast when you have no AC.

I would tell you to come to TX, but .. basically it is the same except for maybe 20 degrees.

Hang in there pregnant lady- I hope you are sitting in a cool place by the end of the week.

Shawna B. said...

Enough! Those fix-it boys better be high-tailing it to your house on Wednesday (EARLY Wednesday) or they are going to have a whole slew of angry Jordan supporters to deal with! You tell them that, Jordan. I bet it will scare them into action.

My sweet, sweaty friend, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this right now. I've been driving around in Tyler's ridiculous car (no AC, the interior lights never turn off, you have to "unplug the battery" when you park, etc, etc.)the past few days while our van is being repaired and driving around town for a few minutes without AC is miserable - it makes me sad to think of you in your hot house.

Good luck!

ingrid said...

Oh, Jordan!!! I feel for you as well! Those AC boys definitely need to come NOW!

Our AC had a similar experience back in May here in Florida when we discovered very wet floors in our master bedroom closet that had leaked into the master bathroom. It was no fun,(especially since we found out hours before leaving for a 2 week vacation) but once that AC was repaired we basked in the cool air and renewed happiness in our home!

Jordan, I wish we lived closer, as I would invite your whole family over to stay! (And our hubbies could be Risk buddies again...)

Jenny said...

So sorry to hear about that. I can remember something of this sort happening to us in New Orleans. Dumb us instead of staying at the Palmers or Adams house (like they offered) crammed all of us in the upstairs bedroom to sleep. Duh?!! Hot air rises we should of been on the first floor. Hope your ac gets fixed soon!