Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quiet House

It is the noise of the daylight hours that makes you appreciate a Quiet House. It is the sleepless nights, the piles of diapers on the back porch, the endless search for the pacifier under the crib, the squabbles, the screaming...it is all these things that make the boogery kisses, sunrise snuggles, and guileless grins that much sweeter. Having my mom in town these past few days has sent my mind racing ahead to her time--when my kids are having kids, when your life is almost yours again, but never quite yours. Always, a piece of your heart and mind remains and still aches as you watch them struggle through the cycle of life, and my, what a messy struggle it is. I have newly resolved to savor the season: to relish the urgency in Lucy to be and do just like her brother, to participate in Seth's eager discovery of the details of his world, and memorize the one of a kind feel of a fresh life kicking and pressing from inside, preparing to enter this messy marvelous place. Thanks goodness, though, for a Quiet House at the end of the day.


Tasha said...

Jordan, You must be reading my mind today. I have goosebumps reading your post. I love reading your writing.
I wish I could hop on a plane and come hang out. You are a wonder jkm!

Jill said...

What a beautiful way of expressing what we all feel! Whenever I have the quiet at night I can't help but think of the scripture about having opposition in all things. All day every day I feel irritated by the hot and thankful for the cool, frustrated by the noise and grateful for the quiet, tired by the responsibilities and energized by the options. It's a great plan really.

When is your baby due? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl? (I'm just late on the info right?) The one and only thing I miss about being pregnant is feeling the baby move inside. That's the coolest feeling in the world and it makes all the sacrifices seem more doable to me.

Jordan said...

I feel the same way, Jill. It makes all the swelling, sickness, and weight gain worth it when you feel those little kicks! I am due October 27th and we are leaving the sex a surprise!

Tasha, come! Come! I would just love to have the magnificent TAsha as a guest in my home.

Shawna B. said...

Beautifully said. Jordan, my friend The Author, you really should write a book. I'm with you - let's savor this time. I know these moments are precious - sometimes it doesn't feel that way - but thank goodness for good friends and gentle reminders that what we are doing really does matter. And yes, thank goodness for a quiet house at the end of the day.

Love my Jordan!

amy w. said...

You put into words what I feel almost every night in my Quiet House. Some of its guilt, guilt of how I could have done things better that day. Some of its joy for the good things that happened that day. But it always ends in a resolve to try and make the next day a better day--to enjoy more moments. They grow up to dang fast. Thanks for your sweet post. And YES, thank GOODNESS for a quiet house.