Thursday, August 24, 2006

Monsoon Season

This is the view outside our front window this morning. Yes, that is a puddle of rainwater on the ground! We had a fabulous storm this morning. The kids were giddy running from window to window watching the downpour and saying "What was that!" every time the thunder crashed. I finally let them outside after the lightening and thunder calmed down.

Now the storm has settled and so has the house, Craig took Seth and Lucy to the zoo this afternoon. I think he sensed I was having one of those "off" days when you start out on the wrong foot and you just feel spread thin. I think it is this nasty cold I can't kick and just feeling tired from the extra weight I'm lugging around. Or maybe I'm just plain grouchy. Everyone has these days, how do you snap out of it?


Tasha said...

Oh yeah! I do have those days. I find it helpful to do something to refuel somehow. You know how on an airplane if you are traveling with kids the flight attendant will come over to you and make sure that you know that you are to put your mask on first, and then your child's? It seems so counter-intuitive to care for yourself first, and then your child, but if ain't breathin', ain't no one breathin' baby! I try to do something that feels good to me, whether its being alone, talking on the phone with a girlfriend (I do this a lot) getting out with Evie to make the time go by faster, getting a sitter so I can do something I enjoy, just something so I can breathe before it progresses to something closer to full blown asphyxia.

Call me anytime Jordan! I so wish you were right up the road! We could walk to Radosta's!

Jordan said...

While the kids were with Craig at the zoo, I went and got a spur of the moment haircut, I needed a trim and there is nothing like a cut to liven your spirits, right? It was nice to have a breather. In September, Craig will have a month of all nights, I'm sure you've been through this with Dave, but you can definitely expect a few phone calls then--if not sooner!! I'm watching Pride and Prejudice now...wish you were here!

ingrid said...

Oh Jordan. Mine was last Friday! It is true what Tasha says...that it seems so counter-intuitive to care for ourselves first. I need to remind myself often that although I do love my kids and my hubby, I need to love myself too and take some quiet moments to reflect. What a dear sweet husband that Craig is for giving you some "me time" and taking the kiddos to the zoo. He's a keeper! I bet that made your day.

TX Girl said...

I'm glad you got a break. Most husbands would completely miss the giant red flashing arrow pointing at mama, so kuddos to Craig.

It is hard to do take care of yourself when there are not enough hours in the day. I'm not looking forward to the day that I'll be pregnant and running after Lulu. Yikes.

Ahhh- the new Pride and Prejucide. I love that baby.

Shawna B. said...

Jordan, I have always loved your spontaneity! Going to the salon for a little trim was the right thing to do.

Oh, those days where you just wake up "wrong" are the pits. And being preganat supplies a plethora of them! I find that I HAVE to do something to make it better or else the whole day is ruined by my being a crab. Most things that get me out of the house, and don't involve carting my brood to the grocery store or post office, are very therapeutic. Going on a walk or for a jog works wonders for me. Chatting with a friend or my sisters is also really helpful. Thank goodness for thoughtful husbands, who, when they are home(!), are so eager to do their part and make things better. Good show, Craig.

Jordan, I'm getting so excited to find out what you're having! I know you still have a few weeks, but I'm really looking forward to the news!

Jordan said...

Me too, Shawna, it is killing me, what will another little Mangum girl or boy look like, the suspense is sometimes too much to bear!

Thank you for all your kind advice. Just reading your comments, I felt so blessed to have so many people that care about me. Love to all of you!!

Jill said...

That's a cool photo of the rain and puddles outside your door, that's got to be a welcomed cooling right?

I'm so glad your husband came and took the kids for awhile and that you got out by yourself. I love what Tasha said about taking care of yourself first, it's so true. It's hard to have little kids and it's hard to be pregnant and you're doing both! You need someone to take care of you too.

Jenny said...

Hope you had a better day. Theres nothing worse than waking up grouchy. I find myself doing this too often sometimes.

Crazy how much rain you all have been getting. My grandma tells me how wonderful it has been and everything is so pretty and green. A rarity in the summer in AZ.