Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I got a haircut a few weeks ago, it started out great, but in a few days I realized I had a mullet!!! I should have taken a picture. Anyway something needed to be done. I did it today: chopped off the mullet and went a few shades lighter. So, they say they're supposed to have more fun...hmmm, we'll see, but I've decided to try on a blonde Jordan for a spell--sorry no pictures it just happened today, but it is sort of the above color--well, I'm not sure, but I love Sara Jessica Parker so I put in this photo. I feel like a new woman. It was strange sitting in the salon chair for so long (2 1/2 hours)...I started to get impatient as she was blow drying my new do...I started missing my kids and was so glad to get this the fate of all mothers? feel at once relieved to be away yet craving a return to your offspring? Okay, maybe a little too philosophical for a blog about a cut and color!!

Okay, so I have these two very different personalities as children and we captured these pictures that seem to hit both on the nose:

Lucy: the tease who wants to please, always ready for a tickle and rarely serious. Mischevious, very very mischevious, yet quick to humbly make amends.

Seth: Serious Seth we say. Sincere, too and observant. Nothing gets by this inquisitive son.

It makes me wonder what this third child will add to the mix.


Jill said...

That's so funny that the cut you just got turned out to be a mullet! I wish you had pictures. Did you go back to the same person who cut it the first time? I hope they fixed it for free.

I think the beauty of going out by yourself is that it gives you time to miss your kids. It's a much needed break, and restores you enough so that you actually want to go back and be the mom again. It's all about balance and even little breaks help achieve it.

Jordan said...

No, I didn't go back to the same girl...I was scared to. I just had the girl who did my color chop it off, a splurge, but worth it.

Jenny said...

Was it really a mullet? I hope you were happy the second time around. Theres nothing worse than a bad haircut. I remember in medical school when I got a bad haircut everytime Doug and I look back we call it the Dorothy Hamill haircut.

I often feel like you when I am away, I get ancy and want to return and then need another break. I think that is just part of being a mom. Do post your new do though!

Sara said...

All I know is that pizza looks delicious. . .I hope Serious Seth didn't let it go to waste! I too had a terrible haircut. It was when we evacuated to Houston for hurricane Ivan and I had a spur of the moment trim at the Galleria Mall which turned out to be a very bad choice. It took months to remedy the problem and get my hair back to "normal". Glad you got yours fixed and can't wait to see the new color. I am invisioning Nicole Kidman (you already have her gorgeous skin and slender figure).

Sara said...

I just realized that wasn't pizza crust, but a breadstick. . .still think it looks delicious. Guess it is time for lunch since I'm drooling over a picture of a breadstick on your blog. . .YIKES!

rebecca s. said...

Jordan - I can't wait to see the hair! I love you in short short hair, especially when paired with your Chinatown glasses... so cute.
I agree with Jill - I love the recharge, and the kids benefit from it, too!

Shawna B. said...

Ok, it's unanimous - we all want to see your new do, so a picture is in order! I'm sure you look terrific! You always do.

I loved the comments about your kiddos, too. After about 2 hours, I'm usually ready to head back home to my lads, and then I have to smile and shake my head when just a few minutes after getting back home to the mayhem, I feel ready to leave again!

Tasha said...

Those pics are priceless. L makes the best faces! I can't wait to meet these little wonders in person someday. I am sure they are the best mix of your personality and Craig's.

Please let us see your hair soon!

It's so strange how ready I am to have some "me" time and then I feel this rush to get back.. Its like not being able to get the thermostat right.

ingrid said...

You are keeping us all in suspense with your latest do! (And has your sister decided on a name?...)I have always thought that you look quite sophisticated with your short hairdos, so I am sure you look fabulous. Please, send pics soon!

I feel the same with my kiddos. It's nice to take a few moments for myself, but I am always ready to be back with my little darlings (and like Shawna, I usually chuckle at the mayhem and moments that make like exciting!)

Jordan said...

I keep forgetting to take a picture of myself!!! It is not something I am in the habit of doing, especially all big and puffy with child. But, I will post one soon. Please do not expect anything to fabulous, darlings! It is actually a fairly subtle change.