Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sentimental Snail Mail

Kurt W (sans dot) and the girls (three of the four).

What I've gotten in the mail recently from my Dad:

A rare variety of pumpkin seeds he harvested and saved to plant in our garden here in Phoenix (although I'd like to believe otherwise--I don't think I have his green thumb), an article he copied on establishing healthy eating habits in your children early on, a little box of game treats for my husband to munch during world cup matches (including some to keep Seth and Lucy busy during the games)--also from mom, and a postcard advertising a prestigious design show featuring a photo of a peice of furniture designed by my brother Jacob.

I mention these small things he has taken the time to send because they are very telling of the kind of father I have. He is generous and thoughtful, willing to take the time to share. He has a genuine concern for the well-being of his grandchildren and without being overbearing is there for me as a parent. In his thoughts, as well, is my dearest friend and husband, whose interests he knows and takes an interest in as well. He is proud, in a humble way, of his children and their achievements, which also says much about his own--for he has been a wonderful example in perserverance.

All of these little things add up to big love from a father who has also always been fun to be around (see above picture). What more could a daughter want? I love you dad!


Tasha said...

Those are great pictures! With a role model like that, no wonder you are such an amazing person!

amy w. said...

Cute sister--they look so much like you, especially the one on the far right. Which one has the baby named Divine? Great tribute!

Jordan said...

Katy, she's actually the one not pictured: They have Divine, Pearl, and Olive (and a fourth due in August) AND she's only 26!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jord,
Looks like you've got a beverage theme going.
Love those little monkeys and you too!