Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blood Orange Sorbet, Anyone?

If you haven't tried Ciao Bella ice creams and sorbets (especially the sorbets), your time after the kids go down in front of the TV or the computer screen or a good book is severely lacking. I happened to just finish off a whole pint of blood orange sorbet--yes, 400 calories each one worth it's weight in gold. Anyway, I know you can find them at Whole Foods Market. If you are so lucky as to live in Texas (Lara and my sister Katy) I think they have a Ciao Bella Stand in Central Market. The passion fruit is delectable too, go get some and improve your next movie night by 120%.


amy w. said...

There is a Whole Foods right down the street from me in our new pad in CA. Whoopee! I will have to try these!

Tasha said...

There is just a whole lotta so so food here, no Whole Foods in Central PA... That looks so good, the packaging is adorable!