Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Beverage Anyone?

I love this picture--It was taken last July. I was so excited when we had a girl, there's something inside me that really wanted to pass down my womanhood to flesh and blood. Lucy is a girl after my own heart. First of all we are both the second born child. I think there is definitely something to birth order. Also, she obviously shares my love of beverages. Someday I think we will have a beverage fridge stocked with really spicy ginger ale, the creamiest cream soda, tazo herbel tea juices, thick chocolatey milk, seltzer water and cream to make italian sodas, cranberry juice, fresh squeezed carrot juice, and root beer of course.


Tasha said...

Yum! If we can go to Sonic too, for a fresh vanilla coke, all of those are my faves!

I think I could "drink" all of my calories!

There is something about having a daughter. I hope I get to raise a son someday too, but for now, I am soaking up outnumbering Dave and teaching Evie about all things "pink".

amy w. said...

Is that how Craig is teachin his girl to open a bottle. Classy! She's a cutie Jordan! Is Craig so depressed over the elimination of the U.S. Team?

Jordan said...

Yes, in fact, it ruined his day, which is hard to do to Craig.